One of my favorite parts of the Alaska Great Adventure was the hike up to a hand tram and the ride across the gorge.  The hike was through a beautiful forest-which reminded me a great deal of the hikes below the tree lines in Colorado.  A beautiful climb through a needle carpeted trail following long slow switch backs that lead to the tram depot at the top. The fact I had never rode a hand tram had a lot to do with my claim of being a favorite.

You notice I am letting my fearless partner, Sandra do all the work in this picture. There was only enough room for one to pull in the tram and the possibility of rope burn was huge.   We actually took turns and those left in the depot on each side are pulling and pushing as well.  It was a fast ride when you departed and in the middle--but when you started back up the other side---it was a huge effort from all.

OH--but the view you were blessed with when riding across the gorge.  There was so much going on and such a beautiful view--you had no time to think about the danger involved.

 AND the view further up the trail after tugging everyone across the deep - dangerous - beautiful gorge was spectacular!  We are all hanging over the bridge looking at the cascading water coming down from the falls above.

The hand tram reminded me of a tug of war.   Except we are all pushing and pulling in the same direction.  It would be impossible to ever cross the gorge--unless we all worked together.

I came home to a tug of war of my own.  Spending 8 wonderful days with friends of many years led to a tug on my heart strings by Ruston.  I tend to forget how much I miss my heart home and especially my family and friends from there---in the busyness of the days in Texas.  My dive back into those relationships and immersion in the blessings of friendship left me yearning for more.  I am in a tug of war between Texas children and grands and my forever home in Louisiana.  I came home trying to figure out how I could have it all.  Sadly--I don't think it is possible.

We all experience tug of wars in our lives.  The tug between right and wrong; good and evil.  The world is tugging at us--showing us all we could have---and the HS is pulling us--reminding us of all He offers.  Determining the winner of these wars is our heart and soul.  Who we are listening to and how we react gives the advantage to one or the other---I pray we all choose wisely and pull with all our might toward the eternal priceless goal of Joy and Peace--all else is fleeting and temporary--gone in a fraction of a second.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. 
Isaiah 5:20


  1. Yes, indeed, my friend...I will admit to having tug of war(s). Your posts are always uplifting and chock full of analogies, and I want to thank you for that. Thank you sweet friend, thank you. Have a lovely Monday. Blessings

    1. I must admit analogies jump out at me all the time! I would say more but I need to keep pulling in my own tug of war!
      Monday Blessings, Sweet Friend

  2. I'm so terrified of heights, that would be a real challenge for me. Funny thing is, though, I enjoy riding in helicopters which are far more dangerous. Go figure. *lol* And great analogy. Life is a tug of war for our hearts, minds, and souls. We mustn't let go of His rope or we'll get rope burn and tumble. Have a blessed day. ~:)

    1. You actually felt secure I the wire cage, Sparky! Yes I am holding on to His rope with all my strength!
      Blessings, Friend!


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