My  L O N G  break included some deep thinking----OKAY--who am I kidding-- my daily life includes deep thinking.  Seldom do I accept anything at face value--it must be analyzed---from every vantage point---over-analyzed---but NEVER under analyzed.  I PROMISE you there is always more to every story than what appears on the surface!

In the same day--I found myself pondering the D E E P question of the vastness of God and if the stain left by Cheetos is indicative of the stain it leaves inside our body.  S E R I O U S L Y----all in one day I rolled these two around.

My conclusions---let's take the Cheetos first.  The stain will wash off your fingers--but it is a little tougher to get out from under your fingernails---B U T---let some little fingers wipe said stain on your white chair cushions---and permanent marker should be so permanent.  The only plausible way to avoid said stain is eating the Cheetos with chop sticks.    SO with that said---to avoid the permanent orange stain covering the entirety of your gastronomical system---you must quickly wash it away with the nearest available liquid----in my case that would be a diet DP.  IF by chance, you eat those Cheetos and do not follow up with the cleansing drink, I am afraid you are doomed to orange insides.  If at some future date,  you are subjected to an autopsy, the report will include-

"Strange Orange Stain Found On All Tissue Of The Gastric System."

Even if you eat the Cheetos with the chop sticks, I fear your insides are stained, UNLESS you quickly wash away the orange.

With that great mystery of the world solved--shall we move on---to the mind boggling subject of the vastness of God?

As I thought this over, I came to the conclusion we all shape God into our mind's vision of What and Who He is.  Our continued quest for the throne reflect in Who we define God as.  If we are all shaped with a God shaped vacuum, which can only be sated with Him filling it, I fear we have limited our ability to understand God's ability to completely fill every molecule of that space by our unwillingness to acknowledge we have not one clue truly Who He is.  Our finite human minds place a limit on the vastness and greatness of God by subjecting Him to being the God we desire---NOT the God He is.

This is evidenced by our willy-nilly trekking down the path of life---looking for the way WE THINK is best.  Keeping control close to our selves and only surrendering when we have made a total and complete mess of things.  THEN we cry out---"HELP!"  Our inability to surrender to His great ability limits our understanding of His Great Works--because we have defined the boundaries with the hedgerow of our control.  

NOW---I cry out---daily----I want this all to look the way---I THINK it should.  My own frustrating grasp on the familiar has limited me from seeing the vastness of the wonder of God.  The size of the vacuum I have allowed God to fill is that of a thimble--as compared to the inexplicable mystery of His vastness which spills beyond the solar systems He created.  I experience a trickle of the flood waters of His love, grace, and mercy because of the unwillingness to open the spigot which would allow me to drown in His greatness.

OH YES--another day of pondering the mysteries of the universe---perhaps I have the Cheetos figured out---but God---I have only broken the surface of understanding.

There is none like You, O LORD; You are great, and great is Your name in might. - 

Jeremiah 10:6


  1. Yet another brilliant post, Lulu. I may talk about the Cheetos later.

    But about God first. It all started with Adam and Eve when they were walking around naked in the Garden of Eden airing their differences. All was well, apart from watching out for the odd cactus or sitting on a cold park bench. If they had done nothing else but that, we'd all be OK today, walking around in the nude and keeping away from the hot radiator or the barbecue when the roast is bursting and spitting.

    But they wanted to know God, they wanted to BE like God; and the rest, as they say, is history. We've all turned into analytical know-alls who analyse and dissect God as if He were an insect under our microscope. Bu He is much greater than that. He looks down with a loving smile and chuckles at our stupidity.

    Yet ... having said all this, there is nothing wrong in having orange insides because of Cheetos. The fact remains that they taste great and should be prescribed by doctor as a cure for morosity. Is there such a word? If not, I've just invented it.

    Talking of morosity; my great uncle died suddenly years ago and we didn't get a chance to say goodbye. A box of Cheerios fell on him whilst at work in the warehouse.

    God bless.

    1. Chuckling, Victor! What a random stream of thought you can have- and yet brilliant!

  2. Cheetos can also be likened unto sin, me thinks. We humans eagerly consume all the salty unhealthy snacks (sin) we can get away with, then pray for Jesus to wash it down. Good thing He cleanses the sinner by faith to pure white again by His righteousness.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

    1. Amen--we just can't get enough! Never stopping to realize the cost for Him!
      Blessings, Friend!

  3. {{{BIG BIG SMILES}}} Beautifully said, Lulu.


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