When you have a rope which has begun to unravel---it is said to have loose ends.  If you do not "fix the problem", the entire rope will eventually unravel.  The once strong rope which you were incapable of breaking, then becomes pieces of twine--which are much easier to  severe or break.  Thus the need to "tie up the loose ends".

My beautiful Fair Isle sweater was hand knit with great care.  One of the rows caught on a nail and broke the yarn.  It began to unravel--come apart--slowly but surely.  Unless I tied off the ends and found someone to repair it, it would slowly but surely revert back to yarn.

Loose lips may sink ships- but loose ends can create havoc.

The thing about loose ends--if you don't take care of the problem--the problem will bite you in the butt.  What starts as a small loose end will eventually end up as a big mess--piled all around you.  And the worst thing is it prevents you from focusing on where you are headed.  You are so busy dealing with the mess left from the past mistake of not tying that knot, that you lose perspective on the present.

I am an old Girl Scout and learned all the ways to stop those loose ends from fraying and unraveling---INCLUDING the method above.  As I got older, I began taking shortcuts such as tape and cauterizing--but if you ever should need a professional "Loose End Fixing"--I'm your girl!

I have been on a quest to have ALL my loose ends tied up in this world.
One of the lessons learned while cleaning up all the loose ends left when we lost Momma is to do as much as possible today---and don't burden your children with your mess.  So I am making lists--leaving instructions--writing it all down for my children.  They will not have to think about it--I will make all the decisions for them.  If the moment suddenly comes and decisions have to be made about future care, I have already made that decision and my attorney has filled out the forms---the children have all been informed. 

I have tied up the loose ends--and that is off my mind--now hopefully I can stay in the moment and not obsess about the future.

The important question---the thing I need to spend time on is determining any spiritual loose ends I might have.  If I die today and stand before the judgment seat, are all my loose ends tied up or is my relationship with Him frayed and unraveling?  It is good to have all the earthly loose ends neatly tied up---but what is much more important is any loose ends spiritually.  Time to do a little heart searching--and making sure--ALL those loose ends are repaired.

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ,
that each one may receive what is due him
for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.
II Corinthians 5:10


  1. He knits us into His strong and amazing gracious love, doesn't He, Lulu. Even when our loose ends are hanging out all over the place, He holds us close. I'm so grateful for this comforting provision!

    1. Amen, Linda! He is capable of taking our worst mess and straightening it all out. PRAISE HIM! for his love and provision!
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. I suggest you take with you a book of jokes to get God in a good mood when you meet Him.

    You've such a wonderful and practical way at looking at life, Lulu. Anyone who doesn't know you would guess you're an accountant of some sort.

    God bless you.

    1. I do tend to wear my CPA badge quite frequently, Victor. It comes with a large dose of OCD---or does the OCD lead to being a CPA--WHATEVER!
      Blessings, Friend!

  3. You see ... I'll leave my affairs in such a mess that they'll be so busy sorting things out that they'll be glad I'm gone!

    It's my style of life. When we go out of the house we always empty all drawers on the floor, throw all pictures on the floor too, tip over all chairs and make the place untidy. That way, should a burglar break in he'll think we've already been robbed and he'll go away and leave everything undisturbed. Very practical I should say.

    God bless.

    1. Don't believe that for a second, Victor! NONE OF IT!

    2. Actually Lulu. Having re-read your post I have decided to become a little more responsible and have started a list to help those left behind sort my affairs:

      Don't forget to feed the dog.
      Change and clean the cat's litter tray.
      Take the goldfish for a walk.
      Water the plants.
      Check the oil in the car regularly.

      See ... you have taught me a lesson today, Lulu. I'll be serious and responsible from now on.

      God bless you always.

  4. Hi Lulu! My Dad is also starting to tie up those 'loose ends'. Every time I see him, he tells me what his wishes are when he dies. (My mom died five years ago.) I think it does bring him peace, and it will make it easier to do what he wants in the future.
    Spiritual loose ends keep cropping up with alarming frequency! I start something, and then let it alone, blowing in the wind. I really need to be more attentive to my prayer life, and being Christ to others. This is a good reminder for me. Thanks!

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    2. As I was saying, praying I don't become so tied up in tying up the personal and financial loose ends that I loose sight of the most important spiritual things. It is such a gift to leave a neat and tidy bundle behind. There is enough to deal with in grief without a mess to also have to straighten out!
      Blessings, Friend!


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