This week we will explore the subject of how we can exhibit our thankfulness-

How do we display our thankfulness?  What should our lives look like if we are filled with thanksgiving for the blessings which are lavished upon us?  What does the face of thanks look like?

The greatest commandment--

Our thankfulness is demonstrated when we obey this commandment.  NOW---I must admit--some of you I do not like---no not one bit and others there are times I do not like how you act---BUT I love you--because HE has told me I should love you as He loves me.  Getting past the "Don't Likes" can be difficult --down right hard---but He does not ask for me to like you or your actions---He DOES ask that I love you.

The best example I have found is my relationship with my children.  I love them---with all my being---with all of my heart---I love them.  There have been times--when I did not like them or how they behaved.  It did not change my love for them--I could love them with a good case of the perturbs leaking from every pore. 

When I find myself not liking someone --I step back and ponder why they behave in the manner they do.  What has occurred in their lives to cause them to act like a ----?  In most cases, there is a root cause of poor behavior.

We all desire to be loved--but somehow we have lost the map/misplaced the key/thrown away the directions on how to find that love.  I have spent a lifetime seeking for someone to love me--until it finally sunk in.  Love is found when you love others.  Forgetting your pursuit of love--and simply loving first--without regard to what you will receive in return.  Jesus taught us this lesson well---He died for us---suffered--was rejected--scorned--and He never thought what will I receive in return.  He sacrificed his very life for us--without hesitation and in great love and humility.  He loved us first--loved us most--loved us best.

"Do" for those you love and don't simply do--but out do.  "It is our job to generously out do, no matter what, and discover that the prize in this contest of generosity is more love." Jan Karon  So exhibit your thanksgiving for others by loving them and doing for them.  Putting self on the back burner and think instead of them--always first.  How much more beautiful would life be if--we always thought of others first.

I dare say---God does not always like us---or how we behave.  I am assured by His very character that He loves me.  What a blessing--and how thankful I am for His sufficient love as exhibited by His abundant grace.  So---to show my thankfulness to God---I love you all and pray this love exhibits my thanksgiving for all to see.

A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; even as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.
John 13:34



  1. Oh Lulu ... what a complex subject you have tackled here. Many books and songs have been written about love and I doubt we are much further forwards at understanding it.

    Christ said "Love one another as I have loved you". I often wonder, and have often asked Him, "Is this really possible?"

    He loved us with a Divine love which He received from God His Father. He loves us because He created us, and continues to love us no matter how bad we are and can be. Christ died for us because of this same Divine love.

    But we are not Divine. We are human and our love for each other will never be the same or equivalent to His. In fact, there are many a time I have wished to punch someone on the nose; never mind loving him. But I don't do it for fear of repercussions and retributions. In fact the human race would behave even worse than it does now were it not for the fear of the consequences of our bad behaviour.

    But the Commandment still stands. "If you can't love one another as I have loved you, at least give it a try you numb heads!"

    We should try as best we can to love each other, even though at times we do not "like" the other person or their behaviour. My list of these people runs to several pages.

    Excellent post, Lulu. Thank you so much.

    God bless.

    P.S. I hope I am not amongst those you classify as: "some of you I do not like".

    1. Anyone who give me a laugh almost everyday--I LIKE!

      Yes it is complex-but as we are to strive daily to be more Christlike---so are we to strive to love one another. So many are so easy to love--its those in our paths who are unlovable and unlovely who grow us---stretch us into more Christlike people.

      Thanks for the great comment, Friend!

  2. thanks for writing on how to love well, friend.

    we need reminders. we are so fallible. thanks for going there today.

    i'm grateful for you ...

  3. Oh boy has Victor hit that on perfectly. I am so guilty of not stepping back and saying things I ought not. Great post, thanks Lulu. Blessings

    1. I learned a long time ago to measure my words before spouting off. I have bitten off the end of my tongue in the process!
      Victor is a wise and funny man!
      Blessings, Friend!

  4. There's no way I can love as Christ has. It's unrealistic. The Apostle Paul by Devine inspiration said "imitate me as I imitate Christ." [paraphrased from 1 Corinthians 11:1] That's a little better as Paul was a fallible human being as I am. Right now I would settle for a simple "like" from strangers. Is it just me, or does the world seem to be getting meaner?
    Thank you for another thought provoking lesson. If you're just tolerating me, act natural. I'd rather not know the truth. *giggle*
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

    1. No none of us will ever measure up-but we should strive to be more like Him daily!

      If I were merely tolerating you, Miss PA--here would not be responding---totally ignoring you!

      Bless You, Friend!

    2. [whew] LOLOL (Glad you knew I was teasing ...)

  5. Wonderful blog today!!! I have been praying recently for God to show me how to love others. I have finally realized that happiness lies not in what we acquire or accomplish in our own life but in the giving and helping of others. Thinking first of others helps us take our eyes off our navel, as you are wont to say!! love you.

    1. And goodness knows--the sight of my navel is NOT what it used to be! Praying God shows you where He desires to use you!
      Love You!

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