It is the week following Christmas and the week leading up to the New Year---what better time to take stock of the past, the present, and the future.  In this spirit of reflection, I have decided to celebrate each--as always- mulling it over as I write.

In celebration of the past---I am who I am largely due to my past.  OH--SURE--there are some genetic factors which contribute --but life and how it has played out are a big determining factor of the person I am today.  So what has the past taught me--

To cry with ease--

 My heart was hardened and I did not allow myself to cry for much of my life---a learned lesson in restraint from long ago.  I sucked it up and suffered in dignified silence.  Only sheer exhaustion or desperation would set those dammed up tears free.  God allowed me to suffer then--and I suffered more anguish--more heart break than I ever imagined possible.  And the dam broke and the tears were set free.  It was a good thing to learn to cry--to learn to release those tears.  Today I cry when you cry---I understand your pain---and I cry in empathy with your grief.  And I cry when I am happy---great tears of joy.  And the best thing about all these tears---God knows---and He counts each and every tear in sorrow and glee---He holds them all.

To laugh often and with joy--

I learned an important lesson from a dear friend who laughs with such freedom and glee that the entire room around her will turn to see who is having such fun.  I look for laughter each and every day.  There is so much to laugh about when you purposefully begin to seek the good in each day.  And when the laughter comes---I release the brakes and fall down the hill of mirth---in total abandonment to the joy of the moment. We are instructed in Proverbs that laughter is good medicine for the heart--and I take at least one good dose each and every day.

To quit staring at my navel--

I finally learned to quit worrying about me and look up and out and discover the world around me.  The secret to happiness in life--serving others.  I am my most discontent, most miserable, most unhappy when I begin to think about how unfair life can be and what I think would make me happy.  What makes me really happy---making others happy--and that will not happen as long as I am staring in the mirror of discontent.

To be open to adventure and spontaneity--

The fun I have missed in the past by being cautious and giving in to the what if's.  AND the fun I have had the past few years by saying, "YES!"

And finally to love many and love them dearly and deeply

Bottom line---the only thing which truly has eternal consequences comes from our love.  In the final day---who will care if you have gone?  Relationships are what it is all about!  God has lavished me with a wonderful family and more friends than I can count.  What a blessing and how I respond to that blessing--how I treat those He has placed in my life is the determining factor to how deep our relationship will be.  Give of yourself---love them dearly and deeply--and find contentment.

I have learned much from my past---but the most important lesson---is GOD!  Who has been faithful---who has provided---who has been my comforter---who has stood by my side---who is the alpha and omega of all I need---God.  God is always the answer---He was in my past--He is in my today---and He will be in the future.  GOD has been my teacher--and the One who hold my future in His hands---God!

5 You, Lord, are all I have, and you give me all I need; my future is in your hands


  1. Lulu, I take issue with one item you wrote about. Staring at one's navel. Those men in the picture are not staring at their navel but at something a little further below. I've never seen that photo/statue before. Maybe they are thinking "And what have we got here? What's it used for I wonder?" Look at the way they are standing, hands on their side and looking down as if fascinated. Have you ever been fascinated, Lulu? Oh ... I've told you about that once before.

    I am really amazed that you did that hanging on the wire thing. You are really very brave. I would not have dared do such a thing in case the rope or wire broke. Knowing my luck I would probably float up in the air if this happened. You really have my respects for doing this.

    I really wish that your future is full of laughter and happiness. God bless you.

    1. Somehow I knew you would have a comment about the statues, Victor.

      Blessings, Friend!

    2. I am good at checking even the smallest detail.

  2. Lol at Victor---I expected him to comment on that. Life is too short to have the "what if's" or the "argh's"...although, at times, I do suffer from sadness or disbelief etc...anyways---as always-great post. Much to ponder on. Many New Year Blessings to you.

    1. We can always count on Victor to give us a laugh!
      Blessings To You, Sweet Friend!


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