The fun is often in the preparation---for certain--the preparation draws you into the anticipation of your expectations becoming  reality.  Thus my theme for the final three days leading to Christmas---




Once I get over my mulligrubs of getting all the stuff out--I always enjoy decorating for Christmas.  This year the preparation was particularly sweet since all the little grands except the baby "get it".  The look in their eyes when they ran into my house after I had decorated made the effort all worth while.

I think back to those days when I had someone to take me to dinner at a special restaurant.  I always dressed carefully in hopes that my preparation would set the tone for a lovely evening.  If I walked out with little effort in my appearance, it was a direct reflection of how little the evening meant to me.  My time and effort in preparation reflected the importance of the one I was dining with in my life.

While my cooking these days is limited to dinner for one, when I have the opportunity to cook for loved ones, I carefully prepare the meal.  There is great truth in "Presentation-Presentation-Presentation" setting the tone for the meal.  A delicious gourmet meal slapped on a plate with little to no effort will not be appreciated as much as the same meal carefully presented with only a little effort.  The same food--different level of appreciation.  All from a little preparation.

Winter is officially here---and though my beds lie dormant for the season---I have done careful preparation for the season to come.  Spring will be its most beautiful, if I prepare the beds for a winter's rest.  The reward for these labors will be a bed filled with flowers of all colors during the next growing season.

And so Christmas is two days away---

my question to us all---

     Have we prepared our hearts to celebrate the birth of The King?

Will Christmas be another celebration of retail proportions---or will we stop and remember the reason for it all?  It's never too late---pause---read the story of what happened that night---that silent night---that holy night--so long ago.  Remember the shepherds listening to the angel chorus--remember the kings bowing down in amazement--remember the One who took on flesh and was born---so that we might be redeemed---Prepare your hearts and remember.

The Word became flesh and lived for a while among us.
John 1:14


  1. Beautiful, Lulu...and it certainty doesn't feel like Christmas (wink)- tomorrow is suppose to be 65* in upstate NY~~~can you believe it? Right now, we are channeling London as the fog is so thick...anyways---Many Christmas Blessings to you and your family.

    1. Yes, it should be in the mid 70's here everyday this week and then the last Sunday of the year--the Artic front revisits! BUT NY--is supposed to be cold!!!
      Blessings To You, Sweet Friend!

  2. "Have we prepared our hearts to celebrate the birth of The King?" Do you know, Lulu; this sentence makes me sad. Years ago, I remember at Christmas people were somehow nicer to each other, or they appeared to be. On the road for instance, drivers used to drive somewhat more carefully, with more patience and consideration. They used to stop at junctions to let you out, or say thank you if you slowed down and let them pass, and so on. Lately, and this year in particular I noticed drivers' attitude has been more selfish. I've had three instances of bad driving in the last month alone. This morning a car came at me on the wrong side of the road. I had a passenger with me; so had we hit that would have been both of us not having a good Christmas.

    In the shops too, people seem more engrossed in themselves. You hold open a door for someone and they go through totally ignoring you.

    I doubt many people over here are preparing to celebrate the birth of the King. Most don't even believe in Him.

    Sorry for a sad comment ... hopefully I'll be more cheerful tomorrow.

    God bless.

  3. Yes, Victor, a lot of truth in what you say. I remind you as I do others quite often, we are only in control of our actions---the ill manners of others is no reflection on you--but a huge indication upon their character!
    Chin UP---Christmas is almost here!
    Blessings, Friend!


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