After falling off the wagon--ONCE AGAIN---I am back on a quest to obtain prime physical condition.  WELL perhaps not prime---more like aged!

The first hurdle to jump is finding a gym.  As I told you recently, we have 15 YMCA locations here in Fort Worth---and countless other privately owned gyms.  With so much to offer, it should not be a problem locating a facility.  BUT---it has to be near me---driving 30 minutes one way to the last facility proved a bit much.  I don't mind driving 10 minutes--15 max, but anything further is not convenient and the traffic should not be so congested as to lead to congestive heart failure.  

AND the facility needs to have the latest and greatest in equipment.  How can I expect to achieve my goal on old and dilapidated machines?  We all know you can get in much better shape with less effort on all these new machines  That latest and greatest equipment also needs to be self explanatory and not in use by another patron when I get ready for my workout.  The machines also should have a personal television with extensive cable channels and individual fans. OH---and windows with a view would be nice.

I am willing to give it my all---for at least 10-maybe even 15 minutes everyday to reach this elusive target of perfection.  I am a busy person and have many commitments---but I am pretty sure I can squeeze in a quarter of an hour---after all---it IS every day.  NO skip that---I read somewhere you need a rest day---SO six days a week I am willing to devote those 15 minutes to my quest-except for any political or religious holidays -my birthday---birthdays of my friends and family and each new stage of the moon.

I promise to work hard--as long as I do not break a sweat.  Sweating ruins my makeup and flattens my hair--and can even cause body odor---so NO sweating.  And I will lift weights every other day---as long as the weight does not exceed five pounds.  Would NOT want to strain a muscle!  And those cardio machines---my dear friends---I will be pounding out the miles--as long as my heart rate does not go up.  I've heard you have a pre-determined number of heart beats in your life--so no need pushing for an early end.

Yes---my physical well being is important to me---and I am going to give it my all---within the above guidelines.  Would not want anyone to call me a fanatic or appear to be gung ho---or even excited---it is important to maintain my aloof detachment.

Are you beginning to think I may never obtain my goal--due to all the restrictions I have placed upon working toward it?  With the limited time I am willing to spend--even if all the other requirements are obtainable---peak perfection will look more like minimum effort.

SO--what kind of effort am I putting into my spiritual condition?  How much time am I spending in pursuit of The Father?  What lengths am I willing to go to in the quest to become more Christ-like?  What lame excuses do I routinely throw out in an effort to escape my responsibility?  Eye opening questions!

Whatever you do, do your work heartily,
 as for the Lord rather than for men
Colossians 3:23


  1. It is true that we all have a set number of heartbeats in our lives - give or take a few 1000s either way. Years ago scientists conducted an experiment on an elephant and counted heartbeats per minute. The elephant, who never forgets, was asked to remember the number of heartbeats. They then did the same experiment on a mouse. The mouse's heartbeats were much faster than the elephants. The scientists worked out the ratio of heartbeats compared to the weight/size of the animal. It was very similar. The elephant's heartbeat was much slower and he lived much longer. Whereas the mouse's heartbeats, being faster, he used them much quicker and died earlier than the elephant. Probably because he was eaten by a cat.

    So there you have it. The faster your heartbeats the earlier you will use them and die. Best to sit on a couch with a pizza in one hand and a beer in another watching TV.

    Actually, I do have a treadmill at home to keep fit on. I take it easy though and walk on the treadmill from side to side instead of length-ways. I fall off often though. Do you find it difficult using the treadmill without spilling the whisky in your hand? I do.

    God bless.

    1. I am always amazed at your scientific studies, Victor! As for the treadmill, having flown off the back of one a couple of times---NOT FUN!
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. {{{{Giggling}}}--haven't we had a similar discussion about this before? You can come here and walk the blasted hills/mountains and I can guarantee you will stay in shape. And I'll throw in lots of snow to help you and a backpack that weights about 75 lbs full of books...{{giggling}}}

    Thanks Lulu--have a bright and happy day.

    1. Yes, because I fall off the wagon quite frequently! As for walking with you, sounds delightful--call me after the thaw!
      Blessings, Friend!

  3. Hi Lulu! That last image is such a hoot!
    I can completely agree with the idea that my energy for getting back in shape waxes and wanes. I need to get to the gym today. sister's in town, so we all went out for breakfast. I want to visit a few blogs's 7 degrees outside. Yeah. I get it!
    Listening to myself is sometimes not the best resource. I should be talking to my resolutions more. I can think of a million excuses, but my goals only see one.
    Happy Monday!

    1. I LOVE this picture too, Ceil! My alter ego!
      Yes---and you know where excuses lead us---down the path to "WHAT HAPPENED!"
      I must say if it were 7 degrees here I would be in hibernation! Had to do a lot of talking to myself this AM to walk out into the 28 degree frig!
      Blessings, Friend!


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