The posts about shame this week have me circling back around and considering how we get stuck in shame--or guilt--or anxiety--or depression---or----

Did you ever walk along the edge of a pond?  We had a beautiful spring fed pond in our side yard when I was growing up.  

If you walked in the shallow water along the edge, there was danger of becoming stuck in the mud and mire which accumulated over time.  You would be wading through the the cool water with the mud squishing between your toes when with one step you would sink in the mud up to your ankle.  The mud would fill in around your foot and create a vacuum of sort and hold you firmly in place.  There was no getting out without assistance.  It could be frightening for a young child to be stuck--unable to move forward.  And if you happened to be alone--it could create panic as you tried to pull free with no success.  Ankle deep in the mud and mire--no help in sight---and no seeming way to get free.

There are times in life when we get stuck---unable to move forward from some circumstance.  I spent a great deal of time recently talking this over with dear friends.  How do we get unstuck--how do we move on--when the mud and mire of the circumstance have encased our minds and hearts---how?  There is no magic switch to turn our minds off--and re-occurring thoughts --especially in the middle of the night only serve to strengthen the hold of the situation.  How do you get past your shame---your loss---your guilt---your heartbreak---your fear?  How do we move forward and pull free from the mud?

There is NO magic bullet---but I do believe we can come up with a course of action---a strategy---to break the vacuum and help us to pull free.  

1. Pray without ceasing---when those thoughts appear---start praying

2.  Stay busy---find someone who needs a helping hand--a listening ear

3.  Read His Word--concentrate on The Psalms

4.  Be patient--

5.  Remember the One by your side

I seem to be stuck in my own mud pit, but I am taking steps to pull free--with His help.  So take heart--remember Who has your hand and allow Him to pull you free from the mud and mire of this world.  He promises to help us!

For I am the LORD your God, who upholds your right hand, Who says to you, 'Do not fear, I will help you.
Isaiah 41:13


  1. I think we all get stuck in the mud and some stay in the mud or muck as we call it. I'll tell you, being a Believer is better than not being sure makes getting out of the muck better. Have a happy Thursday, friend...thank you for the blog visits...smiles

    1. How do those without the hope of Christ navigate this world ? Love reading your thoughts , My Friend!

  2. Lulu you are right. When we have been hurt badly the memories keep coming back and haunt us back into the mud which keeps us stuck there.

    There IS a way out. But first of all we should WANT to get out. Many people wallow in the mud of their nightmare memories like a hippopotamus because they WANT to be there. The bad memories give them an excuse or reason not to move on. It's a crutch they need to lean on when life is not progressing. Especially painful when those who have hurt them have moved on to better pastures.

    WANTING to get out of the mud is a first step to release. Prayers is another as you well suggest. I would also add this: Write down on a piece of paper what it is that is still hurting you. Is it unforgiveness, revenge or whatever. Then ask and write on the paper "is there anything I can do about it?" If YES then do it. If NO then pray some more for the person who hurt you.

    Praying for you.

    God bless.

    1. Ah, Victor, we talked about this very thing! I can only speak for myself, but no one wants to be stuck and unable to move forward ! There are times I long for the switch! I am thankful for your suggestions & prayers, Friend- I believe there is only one answer- God & I sm praying without ceasing!
      Blessings , Friend!

    2. I seem to have a gift at upsetting you. I don't mean to.

      Lulu, try this. I have and from experience it has helped me. When bad memories come back (as they do often to me) just say to Christ: "I can't help remembering the past. I have tried to forgive as best I can. It's now up to You to take care of that person who hurt me; so that I may have peace."

      Peace be with you, Lulu. God bless.

  3. That's all good advice, especially praying. And when the devil tries to trip me up, I say to myself, "I am a child of God. I trust and believe in Him." Makes 'ol spikey tail run away every time.
    Thank you for being so faithful in visiting and comment on my blog. I do appreciate your kindness greatly.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)


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