I have fought a life long battle of jumping on and off the exercise wagon and this is not my first time to write about this sad state of affairs.   My recent jump was more like a plunge into the Deep Cesspool of Sloth.  I was mired in the quicksand of doing little or nothing for almost five months.  With the new year came a new commitment to getting back into shape.   Combine that with a temptation recently waved under my nose for an excellent but extremely physically challenging adventure and I am back in the gym!  

It obviously was not soon enough as things had begun to go south as evidenced above!

So I have been hard at it since the beginning of January---now let's see---according to my calculations that is six whole weeks. OH--but I did take that week off while sunning on the beach---HEY but I kayaked and swam AGAINST the current while there.  (We won't say anything about all I ate!)   I AM NOT SEEING THE RESULTS I SHOULD!

I walked into that gym expecting a miracle after a few days of semi-dedicated work---and what have I gotten for all that hard work---sore muscles, aches and pains and the humiliation of standing by every young hard body in Fort Worth while wearing tights.  Hey I've put in the time---five whole weeks of dedication--well except for the weekends and those days I tutor and any other special occasion I could not possibly miss.  BUT surely everything should be firm and back in its proper place after FIVE WHOLE WEEKS!

THIS IS NOT FAIR!!  Why, yes, I did spend five months getting into this pitiful shape---but---I HAVE spent a few days a week---exercising some--OK a little---for FIVE WHOLE WEEKS!!!  WHERE ARE THE RESULTS!

Thus you have the human condition---expecting a miracle---and wanting to put out little or no effort on our part.  We can be a sorry lot!

Reminds me of my spiritual shape---I spend a little time almost everyday in The Word---and I pray--especially when I have my tail between a rock and a hard place.  Why aren't I experiencing the euphoria of God's presence 24/7?  With all this minimal effort--surely our relationship should be growing closer?  I just don't understand it---

I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.
Proverbs 8:17


  1. Hi Lulu! Oh my, I believe you are passing out the truth today! You are so right about expecting so much when I put in so little. Ugh. (Love the Minion meme, btw!) I always think fast is better than slow, and that just trying should count for something.
    But then I think of that quote from Yoda the Jedi: "There is no trying. Do, or don't do." Yeah. Ouch.

    Don't be too hard on yourself my friend. I think six weeks at the gym is marvelous. I hope you are developing a fun little habit that will help you get in shape, and feel good! (I saw the photos of your trip, and I didn't see an out of shape person anywhere?)
    Every blessing on your new promise to exercise, and on hanging in there with prayer. We're all doing that!

  2. The struggle is real---but the rewards are sure, Ceil!
    God Bless You!

  3. If God meant us to diet there would not be clothes in large and extra large sizes.

    Keep smiling is the best diet ever.

    God bless.


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