A subject so rich in meaning that two songs immediately come to mind--"Listen" by The Beatles -this one popped to the surface and immediately dates me and "Listen" by Beyonce--I will refrain from commenting about her beyond this a a beautiful song.

We live in a world that has evolved into a noisy, busy, hubbub of constant noise bombardment.  At any one time when the grands are around my television could be blaring, the music could be on in the back, there could be noise from the i pad game roaring, and someone is invariably trying to make a point, arguing, or crying.  To say the very least--it could well rival mass pandemonium.  Couple this with the railroad track being a block away, living in the flight pattern for the medivac helicopters, and a very busy six lane city street two blocks away and the noise become deafening.

A pin dropping does not stand a chance in all this noise pollution--it would take a steel girder falling from a multi story crane to have a glimmer of a chance of being heard.  The only prayer for quiet time is early in the morning, since the helicopters, trains, ambulances, and police never take a break but the world is more peaceful in the pre dawn hours.  Thankfully there is a little window of quiet very early in the AM---before 6:30 when the cars begin flying by on their way to the first shift at the hospital district--one block away

Listening with intent is a learned art---and I make every effort to focus on what is being said when someone is talking to me.  Purposefully tuning out the constant distractions and looking at the one who is talking to me helps in hearing what they are saying.  Silencing all the noise around and muting or ignoring my phone are at a minimum good manners and at the most an indication of how important the conversation is to me.    Often the conversation has much deeper meaning than what you hear on the surface, and the only way to understand what is being communicated is to give your full attention to the one sitting in front of you.  One of the large draw backs in the WWW is the absence of inflection when we are writing or posting---a great deal is lost in the flatness of the written word.  My love for you and your importance to me are directly related to how well I listen to you.

I was recently sent a survey to evaluate a lecture I heard.  It began me thinking about asking your opinion of this blog.  The survey will all be for naught if you are not honest and I promise I am listening to what you say.  Your opinion is important to me and what I say tomorrow will be greatly influenced by your willingness to honestly comment.

SO--here it is---fire away---PLEASE!

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I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you.”
Psalm 16:2


  1. Is this déjà vu? I am sure I have already completed a similar survey. Perhaps it was on someone else's Blog. Can't remember who. Maybe it was on my own Blog.

    Nope ... I checked. It was not on my own Blog. Perhaps it was there and I deleted it.

    This is getting rather confusing or else I'm getting forgetful. Like the other day. I went upstairs to visit the bathroom and forgot I live in a bungalow. Then I put the dog's lead on the cat instead and took him out for a walk. I fell off the roof. Then I accidentally dropped a glass of orange juice in the fish tank, and thought the goldfish had melted. And then the parrot uttered some profanities and I thought it was my wife speaking. For the first time I paid attention and said "Yes dear ..." She came in the room and asked me "Who are you saying 'Yes dear' to?" So I replied "Your voice has changed to normal again!" And that's how I got the silent treatment, no hot meal, or being nice for while.

    I'd also forgotten that I had muted my cell-phone and turned it to vibrate instead. When it vibrated in my trousers pocket I jolted up in surprise on the bus and everyone wondered what I had vibrating in my pocket.

    I'll leave their comments to your imagination.

    God bless.

    1. VICTOR!!! Laughing!!! There seems to be a problem for some in completing the survey---I am certain it could never be the survey creators fault!!
      God Bless You!


Your comments keep my writing and often cause me to think. A written form of a hug or a pat on the back and an occasional slap into reality---I treasure them all!