My sweet Granddaddy Gillespie was quite the gentleman.  One of my early memories is him tipping his hat to every lady he passed.

This is not Granddaddy, but is exactly the motion he made.  

My childhood included plenty of "Good Manners" lessons and even a year long ride to Monroe--30 miles away--BEFORE any interstates were around for "Charm School".  My mother was determined I would be taught all the social niceties.  This much I will say---if you practice and practice--it soon becomes second nature.

This was a gentle time---a time when children were seen and not heard.  Yes & No Mam and Yes & No Sir to any adult who you always addressed with a title--of Mr. Mrs. or Miss.  Hands in your lap--chew with your mouth closed---use your napkin and above all else do not interrupt.  I have one memory of a "Bully"--who in my childhood innocence--pulled my hair and kidded me on the school bus.  If you crossed the line of good manners--justice was swift and painful.

Fast forward to the current political season.  Bullies and Bad Manners seem to rule supreme.  What happened to common courtesy?  When did it become acceptable and even applauded to interrupt--out shout--ridicule--curse--condemn--and --in general--bully your way to the top?  I find it alarming and saddening we have taken our cue from the media talk shows and left good manners in the wings.  We all seem to have lowered ourselves to the lowest common denominator of rudeness.

I long for the simple---genteel times of the past---and abhor the go for the throat attitude of the political realm.  We seem to have become a generation of bullies---attacking those who dare to disagree with us---manipulating with no shame to get our way---and relishing a good gutter fight.  The question I keep going over and over--

When did integrity become gauche and ill manners the norm?

Perhaps I have hit the answer--quite by accident---I was taught to display good manners to anyone who deserved my respect---who is left in the political world who deserves respect becomes the question?

3 The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.
Proverbs 11:3


  1. Sadly, all you say is also true here in the UK. Bad manners seem to be the norm. Time was men opened a door for the lady or their wives (especially when the elevator was not yet there!) Now if you open a door, or give up your seat to a lady on the bus/train, she would ask you what it is you want!

    The other day I saw a car park at the supermarket. The man got out of the driving seat, walked all way round to the other side, and opened the door for his wife. "That's real chivalry and good manners!" I said.

    "What good manners?" replied the wife, "the car door does not open on this side!"

    God bless you, Lulu.

    1. A break down of society is a world wide epidemic & we don't seem to realize where it is taking us!

      You always give me a laugh, Victor, thank you!
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. Also, on the roads drivers have become more ill-mannered and rude. They no longer give way at junctions or use the road with consideration for others.

    Whenever I drive carefully and slowly they often overtake me; although I must say this, they appreciate my good driving by waving their finger in the air to say "I'm number one driver!"

    God bless.

    1. I will forever remember the day my mother asked me what the one finger salute meant, Victor. For once I was speechless!


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