There are a handful of elite runners in the world.  Those runners who make a marathon look like a walk in the park.  Who never seem to struggle, who run with the greatest of ease, and seem to feed off the challenge of competition.  They have done all the right things---trained long and hard, eaten right, consulted the experts, read the latest and greatest books on how to perform to your greatest potential, and frankly have a God given talent.  They make it all look effortless and easy.

I trained too--long and hard.  You don't even begin your training until you have a long run base of 10 miles.  The work begins at that point.  I consulted the experts and read all the books.  Cross trained and allowed the evil sports message therapist to inflict even more pain than the running.  I made a stab at eating right--probably the best I have ever eaten.  Sadly the God given talent was not there---but I compensated for it with effort.  I trained and re-trained and was ready for the big race.

I also trained with a group--and had a couple of partners who ran by my side.  We encouraged each other and kept each other going.  We seemed to alternate days when we felt good--and pushed each other to do our best.

And then the big day came---it did not go as planned.  Somewhere along the way--I began to realize this was not was shaping up to be the run I had worked so hard for.  It hurt---it was hot---it took much more energy to run in a crowd than I planned for---I had blisters from all the concrete, and cramps in places I didn't know you could cramp.  This was no fun.  I had to tell my partners to go ahead---no need to hold back for me.  All I wanted to do was quit, sit on the side of the road, put my head in my hands and cry.  Throw in the towel and give up.

That is the point when your heart takes over for your head.  Your head is telling you ENOUGH---your heart is telling you---YOU CAN DO THIS!  So I dug deep and allowed my heart to over rule my head and finished.  I have the scars to prove it.  I also have the medal for finishing.

Today I am using this life lesson while trekking the path of life.  Frankly there are days I would like to crawl in my cave-throw in the towel-and give up.  This does not look like the life I had planned ---this is more painful than I ever dreamed---and I am not sure I can do this.  That is when I let my heart take over and over rule my head.  That is when I remember who is by my side encouraging me.  That is when I refuse to give in and keep on going.  Striving to finish well--and claim the prize promised---by allowing my heart to overrule my head and keep on going toward the finish line.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race,
 I have kept the faith.
II Timothy 4:7


  1. Oh boy...do I know where your coming from...amen sista'--amen...Have a beautiful day, friend.

    1. Yes, my friend, keep moving forward & the prize will be yours.
      Blessings, Dear Friend!

  2. This is one of your most inspiring posts, Lulu. Thank you.

    We all have days when we are totally exhausted "Faith-wise" and no longer know what to believe, whether life is shaping up as we had wished, and whether any of this is actually worthwhile. When this happens, Lulu, I suggest we pray, pray and pray some more. Also, if we can, to confide in someone we know and trust. Just like those people running with you when you were training; another Christian can help in discussing what is on your mind.

    It is said that when Christ carried His Cross to Golgotha, he fell three times on the way. We really don't know if this is true or not, but we can imagine how exhausted He was, having been beaten and tortured, and now carrying the heavy Cross weighed down by our sins and cutting into His shoulder. It is probable that He fell to the ground more than once. Each time He could have stayed there and died there. But He got up, Lulu. He got up and carried on to His mission to obey His Father's will. Let that inspire us when we can go on no longer. Let us get up just one more time, for His sake.

    Praying for you, as always.

    God bless.


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