Don't get shaken---but there is more to be said about "Shaking"!

Vannie made a comment on yesterday's post which reminded me of this Dr. SIL story.

Dr. SIL works in the county hospital emergency room where there is a large Spanish population who are his patients.  Dr. SIL has had just enough college Spanish to feel over confident in his abilities.  He told us after quite a bit of time he realized instead of telling his patients he would be back after reviewing their tests, he was saying "I am going to shake about a bit and then I will come back."  

A new level of confidence in your doctor as he disappears to shake about before giving his diagnosis!

The Word is filled with many examples of shaking---look it up and see all the scriptures which describe shaking.  What shakes you up?  What can send you into a nervous twitter by its very mention?  What causes you to tremble--stay awake at night--fret and worry?  What worldly preoccupation is blocking the way to complete trust in God?

Financial security is a REALLY BIG biggie for me.  Am I going to have enough to take care of my financial needs for my remaining time here on this terrestrial ball?  What if's---can cause my insides to quiver and my heart to flutter, and launch me off into my on version of the shake about.  What if the stock market crashes--what if I become chronically ill--what if the plan falls apart--what if--- All pointless--I KNOW---but one of my BIG BUTTONS is money.

What sends you over the trembling edge?  Ill health--safety--bad weather--national security--loss of job--family issues--martial concerns--the state of mankind---and the list goes on and on.  What is the one thing (or perhaps more) that you fall into a pit of doubt and despair when it rears its ugly head?  

Here is the good news---God knows what shakes you up--

"Every heart knows its on bitterness."
Proverbs 14:10

And here is the bad news---SO DOES THE ENEMY.  Speaking of buttons--the old snake will push this button every chance he gets---he will ring this chime at your weakest moments when you are most filled with doubt and keep on pushing and ringing as long as you will listen.  He takes huge delight in the possibility of breaking through your trust in God.  The enemy of our soul considers it a great victory to break our faith.

So what are you to do---when a whole lotta shaking is going on?             " Though we are all shake prone, we can be shake proof with God,"  stated Beth Moore.  We do not have to be shaken apart when life shakes us up.  He is the stabilizing force --He promises us ---with Him--we cannot be shaken!  The things of this world are fleeting and shakable--but the things of Heaven---the things of God---they are unshakable.  Grab on--hold on tight--and refuse to wonder off and shake about.

28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, 29 for our “God is a consuming fire
Hebrews 12:28


  1. Good point, Lulu. As you say, the devil knows full well what issues cause us to worry and shake our Faith, he knows our weaknesses, and he does not miss an opportunity to prey on these weaknesses. It's his way of tempting us away from God.

    The answer may be simple, but difficult to carry out in practice at times. Trust in God in everything. Whatever our worries; it will turn out fine because God will take care of us.

    A priest told me once that he had a deal with God. He will carry out God's will on earth to the best of his abilities; and God will take care of the worries.

    It requires a lot of Faith to do that; but it should not stop us from trying.

    God bless.

  2. I seem to come and go with the whims of the WWW, Victor---BUT I will NOT be shaken by the worries of the world!

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  5. It's money with me too. And speaking of that, I'm not going to listen to the "snake" anymore either. Thank you for the edifying post. Needed that.
    Hope your day is blessed too. ~:)

    1. We tend to forget--HE is our PROVIDER GOD!

  6. Hi Lulu! YAY!! I finally got through to your blog. Happy Day!!!
    I find that I am a very nervous Nellie. Seems like just about anything can get me worried. I didn't know I was like that, maybe it's coming out in my old age. I worry if I say the wrong thing, have a new symptom etc. I LOVE this post because it's the truth. With God, all is well, and all shall be well.

    Evil knows just how to upset me, and I find myself falling for it. Ugh. I am His daughter, and He loves and takes care of me. Period. I have to tell that snake to get lost!!
    Prayers for inner peace and strength for us all,

    1. We are working to resolve the blog issues, Ceil. One more change next week and hopefully smooth sailing.

      Yes---I had someone remind me today of my fear of being in a nursing home someday. I need to forget these worries and fears and focus on the moment--and TRUST My Provider!
      Blessings, Friend!


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