I was thinking today of my step-father and father-in-law.  They spent a great deal of their time in their final years repeating stories from long ago.

There was nothing they liked better than to find a new audience.  If there was no new audience, the oft repeated stories were told once again to the same old audience.  There were times I had to bite my tongue to not rudely interrupt and end the story for them.  I miss those old repeated tales---well maybe not the tales, but for sure, the tale tellers.

I find myself repeating stories at times.  Catching myself in mid sentence--knowing my audience has heard this before.   Some tales are worthy of a repeat--but no tale is entertaining enough for a tri-peat.  Why would I repeat a story?  Well even with my rural twang, I like the sound of my own voice.  I want to share my adventures, catastrophes, and stumbling blunders as I travel through life.  Some are so funny--I laugh every time I tell the story--even though I am the butt of the joke.  I don't mind you laughing at me---as long as you laugh with love.

Why do we begin to repeat stories?  Probably because we stop experiencing life.  When we get to the point we can no longer live life to the fullest, due to physical limitations,  we begin to run out of new material.  Even sadder, when we fill our life with the day to day--or stare at the television--or in my case with my nose in a book---we are substituting existing for living.

So---I am purposefully looking for my next adventure.  Talking to the little children in my path.  Looking for the joy.  Always seeking a buddy to play with.  Asking God to open my eyes and ears to what He has planned for each day.  And then--

I will have a life filled with new experiences---and plenty of stories to tell.

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
Psalm 16:11


  1. What a wonderful post today! I really liked it. Thank you, Lulu.

    In order to stop myself repeating my stories to the same audience I always ask them first "Have you heard this story before?" If they say "Yes!", I reply, "How did you know what story I was going to tell?" If they say "No", I reply "In that case there's no point in me telling you!"

    I also like to quote myself when I tell a story. It adds flair and a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the conversation. Although it falls flat if I am speaking in French. Once in a restaurant, in order to impress my business clients, I ordered the whole meal in French. It was a Greek restaurant!

    About your rural twang - have you thought of recording a story and putting it on your Blog so we can all hear you talking to us? It would be fun, and so easy to do.

    Keep smiling Lulu. God bless you.

    1. Thank You, Victor. As for recording a story, that is above my technology grade. In other words, I do not have a clue how to do that and REFUSE to ask my grandchildren!

      You always leave me with a laugh, Victor---your "je ne sais quoi" is priceless!

  2. Hi Lulu! What great motivation you've found in the repeated stories of your family members! My dad tells a lot of the same stories, and he prefaces the story with 'Maybe I've told you...' Yes, you have dad, but I never tire of hearing them. He has lung cancer, and I know he won't be around for long. Those stories are pretty precious.

    I understand your desire to stay connected to life, and create new memories. That's so important. I see myself needing to remember that, as I hole-up with reading and writing. If I don't have adventures, I'll soon run out of things to talk/write about! This is a very good reminder to me to always engage, engage.
    Easter blessings,

    1. When my well runs dry- I know it's from lack of inspiration. Always trying to relish the joy I am surrounded by & blessed with.
      Blessings To You, Dear Friend!

  3. Love this post!!! Reminding me to get out and engage, engage, engage!!!! My kids are already telling me "You've told us that before" so we all need to make new stories to tell. But repeated stories do help us remember "characters" we have known in the past and that's a good thing.

    1. I agree--love to recall the wonderful moments in the past--but I don't want to be guilty of running people off by repeating the same tales endlessly! The only source for new material lies out the front door!

  4. When we read or hear God's Word repeatedly, it's not boring. I try to feel the same way when elderly want to regale listeners with their Twice Told Tales. Perhaps, it's hard to keep a good tale down. *giggle*
    Also, thanks for the prayers. I hope I can hold out until the 22nd for the Doctor's appt. Anyway, it's wonderful to be in His hands and all these prayers are helping! Have a blessed day. ~:)

    1. What is really sad, Sparky, is becoming one of the elderly tri peating the old tales! Praying everyday until you tell me different.
      Blessings, Friend


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