I have come across the subject of "Regret" several times lately.  As I have pondered this low fat diet Dr. Downer wants me to follow, will I regret it?  Oh all of you healthy eating nuts out there will tell me all the benefits of grazing on grass and living a long life.  That all sounds well and good---BUT what if I give up all the things I love--peanut butter, chips, ice cream, chocolate and live a life of denying myself all the culinary pleasures AND THEN five years down the road WHAM!  a car runs over me.

As I draw my last breaths, will I be thankful I died healthy?  When they perform that necessary autopsy will the coroner remark how healthy I was and what a shame it is that I stepped in front of a speeding car?  OR will I think---I regret not eating all that peanut butter, chips, ice cream, and chocolate!  It is a true dilemma.  Go for the gusto and live for today or be cautious and miss out on life's treats just in case I live a long life.  There are NO guarantees on longevity.

Regrets are pulled along on the coat tails of "If Only's".  I recently read this in a book based upon regret-

"If you miss an opportunity to right a wrong,
you may be facing a life sentence of regret."

Mr. Webster defines regret as--feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity).  We all are familiar with those poignant words "We regret to inform you"---the prelude to profound grief.  

Then there is this---a changed life because of poor judgment or rash actions or plain down right stupidity.  This certainly leads to terminal regret.  

And there is the "humanism" camp who embraces--never admit regret.  

Proclaiming all we do and all that happens makes us who we are today.  A nice platitude, but what if we are a sorry excuse for a human being today? 

I am pondering whether I have any needed apologizes hanging out there.  When those final days come, will I realize I have spent a lifetime regretting and wasting time on if only's.   Have I left an apology unspoken or life affirming words muted?  Will I leave a legacy of peace and joy?  

My peanut butter, chips and ice cream withdrawal has me deep in thought!  

“For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death.”
II Corinthians 7:10


  1. Can you imagine Lulu ... eating a healthy diet all life long only to be run over by a pizza delivery van? Now that's ironic!

    My doctor gave me a strict diet to follow. I asked him: Will I live longer as a result? He replied: No ... but it will seem that way.

    He showed me how heavy I was by putting me on the scales and reading the weight out loud. I tell you that scared me so much that it cured me instantly. I've now stopped standing on scales.

    I joined a health club and for six months I did not lose any weight at all. No one told me I had to attend regularly.

    Regrets ??? I've had a few ... but then again ... too few to mention. Where have I heard this before?

    Non ... rien de rien ... non ... je ne regrette rien ... What does it all mean?

    It's more fun to live life as we love it than to listen to miserable doctors. All they can do is give the wrong advice and then bury their mistakes in the cemetary.

    No point in worrying about health. My neighbour Jeremy always worried about his health. He was such a hypochondriac that when he died they buried him next to a doctor. Ironic or what?

    God bless and good health to you, Lulu.

    1. Surely- laughter IS the best medicine, Victor!
      Bless You!!

    2. Here in the UK most of our foods are labelled, or over-labelled, with good health advice. The label tells you how much fat, sugar, salt, calories, ingredients, etc ... etc ... there is in the product you are buying. By the time you read each label on each product that you intend to buy the purchaser has died of starvation. When they take the dead purchaser to the undertaker they too have a label saying what type of wood the coffin is made of, what material is the lining, what paint or varnish is used, (I asked why - they said in case the deceased is allergic to certain products), and how much money would have been saved if the deceased had burnt off calories when alive thereby requiring a smaller coffin when dead.

      Today, on the news, some clever people have come up with another idea and want the Government to implement it. They want yet another label on foods saying how much exercise you need to do to burn off what you have eaten. A cup of coffee from your favourite Cafe will require 38 minutes of swimming to burn it off. A packet of potato chips that you like will require 19 minutes of running ... and so on. These experts claim that by labelling foods versus exercise people will think twice before buying certain products. Fat chance!!!

      It's getting to the point that the only way to eat healthy is to throw away the product and eat the cardboard packaging instead.

      Even if the idea of labelling food versus exercise works, which it won't, have these clever people thought of the consequences? If people give up on chocolates, potato chips, cookies, biscuits and all the things requiring a lot of exercise, sales of these products will go down, and unemployment in those industries will increase as people are fired because of reduced sales. As people lose their jobs the whole economy will suffer as a result.

      I eat these unhealthy products like chocolates to keep people in employment. It is patriotic to eat un-healthy.

      The UK Government has introduced a sugar tax on soft drinks like cola, lemonades and so on based on sugar content. They claim this will help reduce obesity.

      There is no such sugar tax on sweets, chocolates, cakes, cookies, biscuits or anything else. Not even on chocolate or strawberry milk-shake. Just colas, lemonades, root beer and other soft drinks.

      The logic of some of our leaders amazes me.

      God bless.

  2. Low fat is bad for the heart, and my attitude. I've decided I'm going to eat what I want, within reason, and just enjoy what's left of my life. Besides, thanks to O'Bummer it appears there will be a nuclear war soon. I'd rather my last meal be a chocolate pie topped by whipped cream than me chewing on bland weeds. (How's THAT for encouragement?! *lol*) Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

    1. I am pretty disciplined about what I eat, Sparky, which begs the question could this be genetic? I really prefer to enjoy life now and take my chances than to live a long deprived life.


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