I pride myself on my minimalist life style.  Why I have even gone so far as to publicly brag on this blog about how much I have pared down my possessions. (I might have forgotten to mention the dragging, kicking and screaming and no choice)   My smug self proclamation of "Minimalist" is announced with the vigor only the self righteous can summon.

And then today, I opened my junk drawer.  You know that drawer--usually in the kitchen which catches all the "I Might Need This" in life. 

It begged for a de-cluttering--and in a masochistic moment of craziness- I pulled everything out.

There was a stack of business cards---who knows when I might need the services of "All Paws Go To Heaven"---even though I do not have a pet---I might get one someday--and it might die--and then I am prepared!  And the pool cleaning company---though I don't have a pool-I hear those guys are really good looking--I do have a fountain that I could watch  have cleaned.  

Scattered throughout the drawer were various screws, nails, parts, etc. which had come with new purchases or been found without a clue where they belong.  I will have them in case I ever discover a missing screw, part, or nail.  Sadly more than likely, if I discovered anything missing, I would probably go by an entire new package rather than go through this pile with not even a remote possibility of finding what I need.

And of course, I had saved every pen, pencil, or marker that has crossed my path in the past three years---that along with every free note pad received in the mail or found in a hotel guest room.  You never know when I might need to write a note or underline a book--although most of my books are electronic these days and after writing said notes I often can't remember what the note means-- if I can even find the safe keeping spot where I put the note.

And last--but by no means not least (the rest I will leave to your imagination) are the keys.  One set of keys in an envelope which are labeled and clearly have a use.  And then the other huge pile which I have accumulated over a lifetime and have no clue what lock they fit.  You NEVER know though---I MIGHT need one someday and what if I had thrown it out.  I am certain there must be some hidden lock in my life waiting for its missing key.

I am a GUILTY DOG who has secret stashes of clutter and junk while avowing austerity.  Color my face red and my head hung.  YOU GOT ME!

I was reminded today as I continued my journey through Revelations, the things of this world are all temporary.  Someday they will be gone in a flash---and that which remains---has no physical qualities.  I should spend more time collecting integrity, truth, relationships, joy, service, and all those things of eternal claim and ditch the junk---You cannot take it with you---but you can leave behind the fame of a good name and Godly character.

In one hour such great wealth has been brought to ruin.
Revelations 18:17


  1. {{{grinning}}} we all have junk drawers, friend...thanks for the fit of giggles this morning. Have a beautiful day, Lulu. Blessings

    1. Why of course we do, we need a place to keep our junk after all!

  2. Yes, we too tend to collect many things over the years which we do not need and somehow we don't get rid of. Like the mother-in-law, for instance.

    Personally, the only minimalism I approved of is when women wore the mini-skirt. It used less cloth and ... and ... wait ... let me reminisce.

    As for disposing of dead pets. We have found the perfect solution. I have built a giant catapult in our back garden. At night I point in a particular random direction and let the dead pet fly in someone else's garden. Can you imagine waking up in the morning and finding a dead gold-fish in your garden? Or a hamster ... rabbit ... cat ... labrador dog ... horse!!!

    Make life fun, Lulu. Throw all you spare pens, nails, screws, keys and other bits and pieces over the garden fence into someone else's garden.

    God bless.

    1. Now I have this image permanently stored in my head of a dead horse flying end over end through the air- Thanks A Bunch, Victot!
      By the way, did you see the first "Godfather" movie ?
      Blessings, Friend!

    2. Yes I did. Great film.

      Seriously though, Lulu. Throw all your keys, nails and so on, one at a time, at NIGHT, in neighbours' gardens. They will wonder where they came from but will never suspect you. Especially if you leave some nails and keys on your lawn to show that you too got them.

      God bless.

  3. Gee, that looks like our kitchen drawer. I'm like a little squirrel saving nuts with the screws, nails, tape, pencils, rubber bands, etc. And you're right, it is all temporary. Thank Heavens none of this amounts to a hill of beans in the long run. And the world is in such a mess and waxing worse every day. I pray that the LORD Jesus will return soon. May God's will be done.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)


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