I love having a beautiful yard.  It doesn't happen without a great deal of work.  The preparation all comes before the beautiful yard can be appreciated.  Hours of digging, planting, fertilizing, weeding, and watering are required to enjoy this thing of beauty.

The Garden In My Dreams

One of my most favorite adventures is a good hiking tip.  It does not happen without much training and preparation.  You cannot live a sedentary life and expect to hike 10 miles because you decided it would be fun.

I so enjoy cooking and partaking of a great gourmet meal.  It does not happen without multiple steps of preparation including planning the menu, buying the groceries, doing the prep--  If you are not prepared, you might end up at Mickey D's.

Anything worth accomplishing requires at least two steps before enjoying the final product.

Making the decision to go for it--

And doing the preparation required to accomplish it-

The end result will be only as good as the preparation.

Reading the great prophet Isaiah's words today, I was struck  by his infamous words


But to be used by God, He first had to confess His unworthiness to see The King, the Lord Almighty.  God then sent His seraph to burn away the sin--taking away Isaiah's guilt and atoning for his sin.  Then God asked,


And because Isaiah had done the necessary preparation, God used him when he asked to be used.

I pray daily for God to show me how He desires to use me.  My question after reading this scripture---Have I done the preparation necessary?

He said, "Go and tell this people,"
Isaiah 6:9


  1. What a wonderful post, Lulu. And so right too. We have to prepare and be always ready for whatever task God asks of us.

    Thank you for spreading His Word so well on your Blog. It's a joy to visit here.

    God bless.

  2. Hi Lulu! My problem is often feeling I'll never be prepared enough to get anything done of any use. Of course, that's silly. I have to prepare as much as I can, and then trust that the Lord will fill in my gaps.
    I do think that God loves the person who prays, and prepares. Those are the people who are trustworthy. I think you are definitely one of those people Lulu. Your heart is known by him, and he knows you want only good for his people. You are a beautiful gem in his eyes!

    1. What I found most intriguing was all Isaiah needed was the willingness and recognition he was not prepared due to his sinfulness. God then provided what was necessary to be prepared to be used. So as I see it, Ceil, we need to be known by him as open to what he is going to call us to and the rest will fall in place by His good grace.

      I am a fallen man---who deeply loves The Father--and prays for Him to show me the path He has for me.

      Blessings, Friend!

  3. For worldly endeavors it actually takes three things, one of which is money. Good thing I like nature because as I age, the garden has become more of a natural setting. For God's plans, it only takes faith in Him. He supplies the needs.
    Another excellent post.
    Hope your day is blessed. ~:)

    1. You are absolutely correct. All we have to do is be willing!
      Blessings, Friend!


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