Dreams play an important role in our lives.  In my younger days, I had the ability to dream serial dreams.  I could pick up where the dream left off the night before.  I  have had repetitive dreams--the ability to fly, finding out I was enrolled in a class the last day of the term, walking around --unaware--in various stages of undress.  So you see the pattern---lots of control or lack thereof dreams.

I also had the fascinating ability to wake from a dream which had not ended satisfactorily and go back to sleep and dream the ending I desired.  Somewhere along the pipeline, I lost this ability.  I do still have control dreams, but not to the extent I once did.  Perhaps this is a direct reflection of the realization there is so little I truly have control over.

I have had a handful of dreams in my life, which I knew were dreams from God.  Messages---words of comfort---assurances that when interpreted could only have come from Him.  Perhaps the fact that I have not had more God given dreams in my life is a direct reflection of the time I have spent pursuing His thoughts and doubting His ability to speak to me through them.

We also have desires in our lives which we classify as dreams.  These do not occur in our sleep but rather take form and shape as we consciously decide what our future should look like.  There is certainly not one thing wrong with dreams--as long as they are realistic.  But when we start dreaming of being the Queen of England, we are destined for a failed dream, unless you name happens to be Kate Middleton.

As the years pass, our dreams begin to look quite different from those of our early life.  My dreams now center around the hopes I have for my children and grandchildren.  The focus of my dreams has slowly evolved over a lifetime from what I desire my life to look like to dreams for those I love.  I am no longer the center of my own universe--instead my relationships have become the center.

I still have dreams of travel, adventures, friends, and fun, but the most important dream or desire I have is to finish well.  To leave behind a legacy of love and service.  For others to say there was never any doubt of what was of prime importance in my life--God and those relationships He placed in my life.  

So I am still dreaming---not big dreams of who I will be, how rich I will be, where I will live, how famous I will be---instead I am dreaming little dreams of great consequence.  

Delight yourself in the Lord,
 and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4


  1. Lulu, whatever your dreams, I am sure you're the center of many peoples' universe. I'm certain your family and friends love you for what you are. Dreemie or not.

    I alsways go to bed with my spectacles on so I can see the dreams clearly. I often dream in colour and stereo sound, rather than in black and white and mono. Do you dream in colour.

    I once dreamt, (as you suggested in your post), that I was walking around naked in the Fish and Chips shop. When I woke up I discovered that I was. The shop owner told me angrily that the massage parlour was next door.

    A man I know slept with his head under the pillow. When he woke up the Fairy had taken all his teeth.

    My wife told me that she dreamt she had a beautiful pearl necklace. She asked me what the dream meant. I told her she'd know that very evening. She was very excited. That evening I gave her a book entitled "The Meaning of Dreams".

    "Doctor, I really need your help", I said. "Every night for the past two weeks I'm dreaming about some rats playing football."
    "Here, take these pills tonight before you go to bed and you will be fine."
    "But can I take them starting tomorrow?"
    "Because tonight they play the final."

    But seriously though, Lulu, a number of my humourous stories on my Blog come to mind in a dream. I often wake up quickly and scribble the main points down before I forget them.

    God bless.

    1. Amazing, Victor. I forget most of my dreams quickly--but a few--those really profound or oft repeated stay with me. You are a clever fellow, Vic!

  2. {{{giggling over Victor}}}}

    I have always dreamt in color and remember them and sometimes déjà vécu (having already lived through it). I'm not sure it is a blessing or a curse...sometimes it's the latter...just depending.

    I am sure regardless, Lulu, and agreeing with Victor, I am sure your family and friends love you very much.

    1. How was math? Have had you on my mind and lips!
      Blessings, Friend!

  3. Are you saying I CAN'T be the Queen of England? WHAT?!?!?
    Seriously, Loralu, this is a great reminder.

    1. In your dreams, Len, only in your dreams!


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