Today is Memorial Day---and I honor and pray for those MANY Men & Women who are bravely defending our country and what we think is our God given right to live in freedom.  NO---read your Old Testament---there is NO promise for freedom.  We live in freedom because of the sacrifice of SO many now and in the past.

My Grandmother Gillespie told me before she left us--that Daddy's letters during World War II were filled with details of the shell attacks in the European Theater.  He described to her the sound of the shells as they closed in on their targets---and I am sure the fear that most have swept over you as you waited for the BOOM.  If you heard the boom---you had been spared--if you did not hear the boom----

I have thought of Daddy on and off all day and how this must have impacted who he was for the remainder of his life.  We call it PTSD today----they called it Shell Shock at its worst in those days.  I wonder what impact that had on Daddy and the choices he made for the reminder of his short life.  Did he drink to drown out those memories?  Was his depression caused by all he witnessed?  I will never know---but this I do know---I am proud of Daddy for serving and defending our great country.  His service in the European Theater during World War II are a source of great pride for me.  I still have a couple of the letters he send Momma during this time and their sweet love story warms my heart.

THANK YOU Veterans---I am glad I still speak English---and live in a land full of choices.  I hope to honor you by always speaking highly of you---with words filled with pride--for your faithful defense of the freedom we all enjoy.

We remember your Fallen Comrades Today---and you as well for your love for our country and courageous defense of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.


  1. Amen husbands grandfather drove for Patton and his 3 brothers were killed and are buried in Normandy...his grandmother Potter was a co author of a bill that got passed into law concerning more than one child/war (I can't think of it right now, sorry) dad fought in Vietnam, got shot down, my husband was a Marine...I could go on and on...

    Thank you sweet friend for a beautiful post.

  2. Thank you for the message today on our brave men and women who fought to make our nation free. Sadly, I'm not sure that some of the generation of today realize all that was sacrificed so they could protest and live a life with no obligations. My uncle was a medic in the European theatre on the front line of many battles. He too came home with a drinking problem which plagued him the rest of his life. Thank you, Linda, to those in your family who died for our freedom. May we never forget.

  3. Thank you for honoring your daddy, Lulu. We will never know what our veterans ... and those who loved them ... have sacrificed so that we might be free to love and work and worship without harm.

    Your family has given much. I honor you today ...


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