Though I greatly enjoyed visiting each and every spot we touched upon in Europe, none of them called my name to stop and stay.  UNTIL--we got to Switzerland!

I have always desired to see this beautiful little country known for its neutrality---I was not disappointed, in fact these pictures understate how truly majestic it is.  One of those places I would love to live in for a year.

Leaving Freiburg early-we are finally figuring out the rail system and have no problems with our transfers.  Arriving in Interloken, we take a local train, a bus, and finally a cable car up to Gimmelwald, Switerzerland---population approximately 300.  The only motorized traffic we see here are the tractors and farm utility vehicles.  Everything which comes here--must come by cable car--thus a need for simplicity in life.

Our hearts are instantly captivated.  Unloading our bags---up ANOTHER three flights of steps--we are off to explore.

Quaint--is the understatement!  We are staying in the one bed and breakfast--there is a hostel--and one restaurant which gives you the choice of the two entrees of the day.

The village residents are immensely proud of their gardens and make the most of a very short growing season.

And words such as verdant and pastoral call to be thrown upon the page.

After walking through the town, we decide to walk to the next village, Muren.  This hike takes us off the track, through the woods, around the gate, by the bubbling brook, and up-up-up.

For once, I am at a loss to adequately describe all of this to you.

To prove what a small world we live in, once we come out of the woods and onto the trail, we meet this couple.  They are good friends with one of our Ruston pastors and live in Dallas.  The wife gives me such a good word of encouragement--unsolicited--I had to know it came from The Father.

Following dinner---we discover a washer at the hostel--and get down to some serious--badly needed laundry.  When you are wearing your shirts inside out, it is a good sign you might need to wash.

  Even in the midst of all this beauty--life goes on with the necessary. 

 I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.
Psalm 16:8


  1. Wonderful scenery. Just marvellous. But you didn't mention the chocolate, Lulu. The chocolate. The Swiss chocolate!!!

    God bless.

    1. AH, YES, Victor, we discovered the chocolate too!!

  2. AWESOME!!! {Sorry for shouting}---I had always wondered about that, laundry, when one travels overseas. smiles

    1. Lots of hand washing in the sinks, my friend!! It was truly amazing seeing the Alps---ALTHOUGH our Rocky Mountains are just as beautiful!


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