I survived a week of baby sitting this little cutie--I think.  It may take me a week to recover!  HOW did I EVER work full time and raise three children?  

Two days of the week---sadly--the little darling was really sick--some "Baby Virus".  When I contacted Dr. Daddy and we went over the lack of symptoms other than high fever, he told me not to worry---EASY FOR HIM TO SAY!  She was the "Don't Put Me Down" brand of sick and miserable.  I discovered a rather remarkable thing during this 48 hours---she will watch "Mary Poppins" OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  I am thankful for Walt Disney's masterpiece of music and dance---it helped me survive my moment of extreme need.  It also gave me a few blog ideas---IMAGINE!

A brief side note--Dr. Daddy came home with Montezuma's revenge--I have no sympathy--told him I was not worried.

Moving on--Mary Poppins is tucking Michael into bed one night when he promises to be good if only Mary Poppins will stay with them.  Her brilliant response:

For those of you who are not cooks, a piecrust is a very simple item to make.  It does not take a rocket scientist to mix flour with a little sugar, salt, butter, shortening, and ice water.  Mix--roll it out--pat into the pan and  cut--presto--a pie crust.  A pie crust, though simple to make, is a fragile thing---it will break easily--for any number of reasons.  Only if you are careful to respect the integrity and fragile nature of the crust, will you keep from breaking it.

So it goes with promises---easily made.  I promise to come see you, I promise to do my best, I promise to rake the yard (sweep the kitchen, clean the bathroom, make my bed--insert your promise here), I promise to eat right and exercise daily----and the list could go on for ever.  Then there are the more important promises of life, the promise to pray for you, the promise to be honest and upright while doing the right thing, the promise to love and cherish, the promise till death parts us, the promise to love God and obey His commandments.  An entire list of promises which are the backbone--the very fabric of who we are---our integrity---our character.  

Promises we make--with the intent to keep---and then life gets in our eyes--life and our wayward will.  We forget the fragile nature of the promise and it is often easily broken with a large dose of rationalization.  Then what do we have---a broken piecrust--or life--or reputation or relationship.  

The moral--be careful of the promises you make--they are fragile--and easily broken with lasting consequence.  Perhaps it is better to keep quiet and still--than break a promise we should have never made.

But whoever keeps his word, in him truly the love of God is perfected. By this we may know that we are in him:
I John 2:5


  1. Genius ... Brilliantly put ... I mean the bit about promises, not pie crusts. I leave the latter to good cooks or ready-made from the supermarket or baker.

    Sadly, too many promises are made these days and not meant; or perhaps meant at the time (like marriage) and then life gets in the way.

    Changing the subject: I notice that in the photo of your grand-daughter, there's a notice behind her saying "We love God because He first loved us". What a wonderful thing to have on display in one's house. As the child grows up that notice will be seen time and again and be imprinted in their memories. What a great example of one's Faith. We've had a similar notice at home for ages saying "You are worth more than hundreds of sparrows - Matthew 6:26"

    God bless you and your family.

    1. The picture was made at my daughter's home, Victor. She is living the gospel daily with her children -it is a beautiful thing to watch and makes my heart sing.
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Oh, I could watch Mary Poppins over and over as true your point is, Lulu...have a beautiful day. smiles

    1. I have lived your wish, My Friend. After an overdose of bubbly---you tend to get a little edgy!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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