We are beginning our list of last's--today was the last van ride.  Leaving Cesky Kumlov, we head to Prague via Telc.  A protected historic city, we enter through the ancient one lane town gate--and wham---the city square greets us.

Colorful buildings from the 16th century have been carefully restored to their former glory.  The really strange thing--there is almost no one else here.  All we can figure out is we are early---and once again-the early bird gets to see the sites without fighting the crowds.

A little strolling, a little shopping, and of course, some eating, and WHY YES---walking in the rain!  Once we have sated our appetites, we leave quaint behind and head for Prague.  OH, PRAGUE!

We are seriously delayed by road construction and our driver cannot wait to put our luggage on the sidewalk and take off--I assume he had another charter--but he definitely was done with us.  When we check in, we discover our apartment is across the bridge and in Old Town.  The clerk tells us it is a 15 minute walk---I ASSUME--she had never walked the route before---NEVER believe anyone who starts the sentence with, "Not far-10 or 15 minutes"--they DO NOT know what the heck they are talking about and will lie through their teeth not not tell the truth.  Pulling this bag and carrying my backpack and the sacred travel document bag has gotten sorely old--especially when 15 minutes turns into more like 30 + minutes.

Our apartment is situated above a courtyard where a restaurant is--in fact the view out of our window and three stories down is the restaurant.  The REALLY good news---we are in the heart of Old Town.  And I can't begin to tell you the wonders of Prague.  This city was one of the few spared total devastation during World War II and the treasures to see are beyond description.  The crowds are literally elbow to elbow--and we are all extremely vigilant after warnings about pick pockets.

The bridge is reminiscent of a three ring circus in a museum of statues.  We stop for dinner in what is claimed to be the oldest restaurant in Prague (not so sure about that), and are entertained by a brass brand playing NOT traditional European music, but American show tunes.  SERIOUSLY!

Starving--as usual--they bring us some bread with butter/cheese?  We can't decide which, but cutting into it we notice it is a little bland.  We are almost asked to leave the restaurant when we discover it is NOT butter or cheese, but a wet towel for wiping one's hands and we become hysterical with laughter.

 Czech Republic-1 Dumb American Tourist-0  

Heading back in for the night, we decide to go by the ancient clock tower and watch the hour strike--more on that tomorrow.  It seems these streets, as many river town streets, are not in a straight pattern, but instead weave around--what often seems in circles.  We get slightly displaced--not lost-for we know we are in Prague--but we can't find our place--so we are dis-placed.  Stopping and asking directions it turns out we were close--but no brass ring.  Tomorrow--we split again for our one full day in Prague.

Blessed be the Lord! For he has heard the voice of my pleas for mercy.
Psalm 28:6


  1. WHAT????? You ate a wet towel???? Unbelievable? And I thought I was the one who did odd things.

    God bless.

  2. {{{giggling}}}really, Lulu??? My sil who is German and before she became somewhat Americanized, served food with hand towels and a little bowl filled with lemon water. I thought it quaint. However, hubby and his big mouth...never mind...

    Are we coming to an end, already???? But, but, the trip just began. smiles

    1. Yes, one more stop after Prague. It was a long time to be gone, but it flew by. We, Americans are such barbarians when it comes to quaint !


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