There are times in my life--when my prayers grow woefully short and completely redundant.  I have no problem praying for the long list of those in need--pain--distress--disaster--and more.  My prayers for me and my relationship with Him though have become a repetition of the same few words over and over--and begin to take on the rote recital of more of the same.  What am I to do when my prayers become quickly thrown up words in a vain attempt to communicate with The Faithful One.  What is the answer when I feel the line of communication is blocked by the ceiling?  How do I reach God when my efforts seem lacking?

How do we communicate with the ones we love?  Is it always through our words--whether oral or written?  As I pondered this, I thought of a long marriage and what communication looks like after years and years of living with another.  When you know someone really well--you begin to have the same thoughts--know how to finish the sentence of the other--can speak to each other by a mere look.   Communication can be as simple as a glance across the room.   

The language of love includes acts of kindness and service.  Doing for one another without prompt or thought of reciprocity.  Acting in anticipation of needs which have not even surfaced--all out of care and concern for the other.  Good communication between marriage partners comes from years and years of growing to know each other and many hours of living life together.  It does not come without plenty of work, effort, and patience.  It comes as you grow together, make time for one another, and work at keeping the lines of communication open.  The fruit of all those years together is a wide variety of methods of effectively communicating.   It truly is a beautiful thing to see and even more of a blessing to be a part of.

Circle back to our communicating with God.  I am a firm believer in our marriages were given to us to model the depth of the relationship we can have with The Father.  If this is true, then we communicate with God in many ways--not only our prayers.  Our acts of love and service for His children are concrete evidence of our love and honor of Him.  A heavenward look in a time of wordless need speaks volumes.  A simple groaning of, "Oh God" and he can finish our thoughts.  Time spent with Him over a lifetime can grow our relationship to the point where we communicate in a love language learned over an eternity of learning who He is.  There is no ceiling--no barrier--which can thwart our reaching Him with our language of love.  Most important, when we stay the course, do not drift away, continue to knock on the door-- He is always with us.

"Evening and morning and noon, will I pray, and cry out aloud and He shall hear my voice."
Psalm 55:7


  1. Ha ... you mention the various ways of communicating in a marriage. You forgot the sharp elbow in the ribs, especially in church when the long sermon puts me to sleep. You forgot the hours of silence treatment when I do something wrong. Can you explain to me please: Why is it that when a magician puts a white handkerchief in a tube and it comes out red everyone applauds. And when I put a red item in the washing machine and everything comes out pink I get the longest lecture anyone had to hear. I thought pink underwear are fun !!!

    As for repetitive prayers to God. I just say: Dear God ... Ditto ... Ditto ... Ditto ... Amen.

    God bless you, Lulu.

    1. My beginning of the day laugh, Victor. Thank You!

  2. {{{Victor}}}} --thanks for the giggles...I am sure my husband has the same thoughts...beautiful post Lulu...thank you.

    Have a beautiful day friend.

    1. Don't we love our Victor! May your day and weekend be blessed, My Friend!


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