My initial reaction to change is  NO!  Change can be difficult--at a minimum--and devastating at times.  I like to know what to expect and expect what I know.  I am not particularly a fan of surprise and change.  My rut is familiar and my tunnel vision is 20/20, so why would I want to chance hauling myself out of the rut and looking around?  The familiar is like that old pair of well worn shoes--you know when you put them on the pain they may cause, but with time they have morphed into a familiar shape which holds no surprises.  No new blisters--no different pain--only more of the same when you walk down the road.  

This line of thought lead to the changes I do like.

Like is entirely inadequate when it comes to the change of seasons.  As one season slowly dies and the next emerges, I never cease to be amazed and delighted at God's creation.

Then there are those bittersweet changes in life such as watching these people grow up.    Sad to see them growing up--so proud to see them growing up.

Then there are the huge changes we stumble through at best.  I moved from the home our family grew up in, to living alone in Ruston, and then the bungalow here in Fort Worth.  I have loved each of these homes in a different way--but the change was more difficult than I could ever express.

Living life means living with change.  I do not know one single person whose life has remained totally stationery.  Time marches on and with the march of time life changes.  That is not all bad.  I am thankful for most of the changes in my life.  One thing is certain---God has been present during each and every change.  With change, I have gained strength and wisdom, been stretched to new heights, and increased my knowledge of who God is.  I am thankful for the experience of change, the growth through change, and the depth of assurance which has come with change.  With time and experience, I have learned to look forward to change, accept change as inevitable, and embrace the new or different.  

Most of all--I am thankful God never changes---He cannot change--He is God.  What a blessing to know the one constant in life---GOD ALMIGHTY.

17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.
James 1:17


  1. What a lovely thought-full post once again, Lulu. Your posts are getting better all the time. Thanx.

    I agree with you; change happens all the time. And as you say, I don't like surprises either. I remember as a child I had many surprises. I used to get back home from school and find that my parents had moved house without telling me.

    I like the bungalow you're living in now. Another surprise I do not like is going upstairs to the bathroom and find out I live in a bungalow. Or taking the cat for a walk by mistake instead of the dog; and then falling off the roof top.

    Life is full of change and surprises. The other day I found some spare change at the back of the settee, (couch, futon), the surprise is that they were foreign coins. How did they get there I asked my Australian aunt who was visiting us at the time.

    God bless you, Lulu.

    1. Thank you, Victor, for changing my facial expression to a smile over and over.


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