How easy it is to forgive our sweet children and especially those grand children.  This one is quite the bruiser---as I almost always come away with bruises when we are together.

I correct him and tell him to not play so rough with Lulu, walk away, and go back for more the next day.  I love him so much that a few bumps and bruises are not going to come between us.

There are times in my life I have been quite perturbed at those I love.  These people do not always listen and certainly do not toe the line I have marked out for them.  I still love them and can not imagine ever walking away from them.

It takes very little effort to forgive those I love--for you see I love them--and most of the time I like them.  How easily I can transition from anger to forgiveness when I remember how much I love them.

If my neighbor needs help, if my family needs help, if my friends need help, if my fellow believers need help---I am willing and able to jump to their aid.  Even if the circumstances were caused by their willful negligence, I look past that and extend a helping hand.  

The stranger--though---showing kindness and forgiveness to the stranger--that is another story..  If they do not think like me, smell like me, and look like me--I might be guilty of cutting them not much slack.  I am much slower at offering aid to those who do not fit into the mold of the acceptable in my sight.  Sadly, I can be quite judgmental.

God calls us to love one another.  That does not mean--those who are like us, those who are family, those who are friends---that means love your fellow man-all of them.  Love the stranger in your midst--love the homeless person on the street---love the one who curses you--love the stinky--love the obnoxious--love the betrayer--love the unlovable.  Have mercy on those who sin against you and pray for your enemies.  That is a TALL order.

I am thankful for the mercy God has shown me through Jesus.  I am thankful He has given me an example of how to love those who sin against me.  I am thankful for the mercy that He has lavished on me.  I am thankful for God's Amazing Grace and Great Mercy.

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.
Hebrews 4:16


  1. Oh oh...guilty...on so many levels...I was thinking along these lines this morning, thinking about tomorrow-Thanksgiving and mil...how to handle such things...lately, quick to anger is my thing.

    Thanks Lulu...have a beautiful day friend and a Happy Thanksgiving.


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