I am back on a tangent of watching Hallmark Christmas movies.  As I sit and watch the predictable, I am amazed at my fascination with the syrupy -love conquers all- you know the outcome -same story over and over marathon.  It's enough to gag the strongest of stomachs.  HOW in the world can I abide watching this endless string of fantasy in my free time--ad nauseum?

Occasionally I allow myself to fall into the delusion of love looking like the man made portrayal as presented by Hallmark and all its look alikes.  Man has the desire to be loved--held in high esteem--cherished--pursued--cared for--by another or others programmed into our DNA.  Since long ago--man has written fairy tales resplendent with the charm and glamour of happily ever after.  Most of us women want Prince Charming to rescue us, marry us, put us up on a pedestal and love us for all eternity.  At a bare minimum a cowboy should sweep me off my feet!    That is NOT the way is happens in This World.

Prince Charming can become an ogre and Snow White can turn into the Evil Witch in a blink of an eye in the real world.  The happily ever after can morph into a hard's day night in an instant.  All men struggle with the sin of narcissism and real love is hard to pull off when you are gazing at your navel.

God is the Author of Love---God is love. When I think of the beauty of His sacrificial love for me---nothing could begin to compare.   We seem to have traded His example of perfect love for the world's eye view of man's limited vision of earthly love.  The desire to be loved is God given. God is love and we are created in His image, so we desire to love.   We have missed the boat though when it comes to fulfilling that desire.  We have turned from God's lessons in showing love to man's desire to sit upon the throne.  We forget we live in a fallen world and fallen man will disappoint us when we look to him to quench our desire.  Only God can satisfy our quest.  Once we learn to love as God has taught us--then we will understand how to love others in the way He intended.  Selfless love which looks to satisfy the needs of another is the direct result of learning to love God by accepting His love.

Today I am thankful for God's unchanging-always present attribute of being the very essence of love.  God first loved us--so that we might be able to love others.

We love because he first loved us.  I John 4:19
And he has given us this command:
Whoever loves God must also love his brother.
I John 4:21


  1. Yes you are right: "Man has the desire to be loved--held in high esteem--cherished--pursued--cared for--etc ..." It all goes back to Maslowe's Hierarchy of Human Needs; although I'd guess that it goes even further back than that. Personally, I think Maslowe got it wrong because, in my case, when I don't get all those things you've mentioned above I watch a Tom and Jerry cartoon. There's nothing better for the soul than watching the violence those two creatures inflict on each other. Or the little mouse running off the edge of something, staying still in mid-air moving his legs quickly, and then falling down as gravity does its think. Better than a Prince Charming or Snow White type movie any time.

    By the way, the third photo got it all wrong. In my experience people gaze a little lower than that man is doing.

    God bless you, Lulu. Thank you for a thought-full post. And I am not an ogre you know.

    1. Victor, I belly laughed over the belly gazing comment! As for you being an ogre, NEVER! I am sitting here wondering what your alter ego might be? I will let you fill in the blank.
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Hi Lulu! I really liked your point about being made in God's image, so we desire love. All things come from God, even our desire to love...what a great point.
    We are so imperfect, it's so hard to love perfectly. I fall down every darn day, but I know that Jesus will help me try again and again. What more could I ask than the grace to be more and more like him? Like you, I am thankful for a never-changing love that helps me pick myself up and get going again. As long as I have the faith to believe in him, I can rest assured that he will never give up believing in me.
    Have a blessed Wednesday,

    1. I am always thankful for your wise comments, My Friend! Yes, He believes in us!
      Blessings !


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