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There has been much talk and political rhetoric about building a wall along the southern border of our great nation.

This seems to me to be about as effective as placing your hand across the bath drain in hopes the water will not drain out.  That water--- will find a way out--around the hand so ineffectively placed in hopes of keeping the water in the tub.  Trying to keep the desperate out with a wall might be just as futile.   In my opinion, the legislation concerning the banning of guns is also a doomed attempt at keeping arms out of the hands of the bad guys.  The bad guys will always have options of where to get guns.  Controversial as this may be, I remind you how ineffective the laws against marijuana have been.  We are all adapt at crossing boundaries--legal, moral, or spiritual--when we find a way to justify what we believe is our right.

I have physical boundaries as well as imaginary lines creating boundaries in my life.  There is a fence around my back lot--it is supposed to be a deterrent for unwanted trespassers in my back yard.  There is a way around it!  The doors and windows in my house are boundaries to keep me safe and for added protection there is an alarm system.  Something tells me if someone wants in bad enough--it can be done.

I am guilty of placing boundaries around my heart.  I have suffered enough pain--and am careful to not place myself in situations which might lead down that primrose path to suffering.  I am also very careful to maintain boundaries so there is no question about inappropriate relationships.  I had rather keep some at arm's length than give the appearance of impropriety.  The truth of the matter is I can live in isolation and the mere slip of a tongue can call into question my very character even when hidden behind self imposed boundaries.   All the boundaries in the world can not keep the delight of a vicious gossiper at bay.  For all my boundary building, there is no guarantee I will not suffer pain again.  In fact, it is safe to say, I will suffer pain---if you allow yourself to love--it comes with the risk of pain.  All these boundaries are man-made boundaries--some imaginary lines and other real lines drawn in the sand.

God also places boundaries in our lives.  Do you ever stop to wonder why after 40 years of wandering around, the great nation of Israel could not find one single boundary to cross to get them out of that wilderness.  Evangelicals love to speak of the freedom we have from the law because of the price paid by Jesus.  Yes, I agree, totally.  BUT the question then becomes why do we have the law and why did Jesus spend his ministry years giving us instruction?  SO THAT WE COULD LIVE A BETTER LIFE!  God's laws---are not suggestions--they are boundaries to live within for a better life.  We seem to have little problem with not crossing the boundary and killing someone, but we have NO problem crossing the line of bearing false witness against our neighbor-even when it may be killing his reputation and standing in the community.  We espouse freedom and God's desire for our happiness in a vain attempt to nullify the very words HE spoke. 

Boundaries can be a good thing-a very good thing.  Those lines we draw to create those boundaries are easily crossed.  The truth of the matter is the boundaries are only as good as our ability to not cross the line of de-embarkation into the wilderness of bad choices.  Our willingness to acknowledge and observe the boundaries in life is a test of our obedience.  Our obedience is an acknowledgement of who God is and our love for Him.  Staying within the boundaries He has set for us, acknowledges He knows what is best for us.  John says it best-

If you love me, keep my commands.
John 14:15


  1. In every situation of Trust there is always the risk of betrayal. Whether it is a friendship, a business partnership, a marriage or whatever; in every circumstance where two or more people trust each other there is always the risk that someone will betray that trust.

    We all know about the greatest betrayal ever – Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss.

    So what are we to do? Not trust anyone ever and go through life suspecting everyone. This would be impossible and would jeopardize our every relationship.

    We have to accept that with trust we become a little more vulnerable and susceptible to abuse of that trust. It’s a risk we take as we journey through life.

    With one important exception:

    “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” John 14:1 NIV.

    God bless you, Lulu.

    1. Your reply is interesting, Victor, since I was primarily writing about obedience. Another great example of how we all see things through our perceptions. And yes, He is true to His Word, the very Word we choose to ignore as we walk across those boundaries.
      Blessings, My Friend!

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    1. Knew you would understand the need for boundaries!
      Blessings !


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