If you are a regular reader, you know that Hero the Wonder Dog has come to live with Lulu.

Why would I be amazed that God can use this little nine pound ball of hair to teach me?  The truth of the matter is He has used almost everything in my path to teach me--when I had my eyes and ears opens to notice.

Hero and I go for a walk four times a day.  What you need to realize about Fort Worth is- it is filled to capacity with animal lovers!  There is more commotion over an escaped pet than even their beloved Rangers and Cowboys.  These people are dog lovers extraordinaire.

Hero seems to have a distorted body image.  He thinks he is a one hundred pound mastiff, not the large rat sized chihuahua papillon cross- street mutt.  Hero is a rescue dog--of questionable origin.  He came to live with the grands when a friend asked #1 Daughter to keep him a couple of nights while she searched for his owner.  We ALL know how that story ends.  

Hero has NEVER met another dog he did not go after with all his pint sized fierceness.  As long as he is behind the glass storm door or on the leash I am holding, he is all spit and fire.

OH YES---his hair is standing on end---he is growling and barking and kicking up dust and dirt and acting as if he will attack if he is only released for the kill.  He thinks he is the reincarnation of Cojo when in fact he is much closer akin to Odie of Garfield fame.  

Hero seems to forget his manners when the neighbors dogs are around and is  ready to rumble anytime we near one on our walks.  When I don't bother to pick him up and save his hide, the truth becomes startling evident.  This little pint sized four legged ball of indignation is looking for trouble-until Trouble turns around and stands his ground.  Hero then rolls over and whines with all four feet in the air, while Trouble gives him a disdainful sniff .   All that posturing and threatening--it was all for show and when his bluff is called, he becomes a shivering pussy cat.

So goes social media---we all like to hide behind the little screens and growl and yell and protest over all our causes, philosophies, and disagreements.  Even to the point of rudeness.  We are all spit and fire hiding behind the keyboards and we definitely seem to loose any sign of good manners.  Now would we roll over into a sniveling heap if we were confronted, I am not sure.  Something does tell me we would hopefully remember our good manners and not go for the jugular if we were face to face.  So perhaps, when we are posting we should couch our words as if we were face to face with a real human being and remember rudeness will never sway anyone to our side of the argument.  And it really is no harm in agreeing to disagree peacefully.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law
Galatians's 5:22-23


  1. This post invites two types of comments - dogs and social media.

    DOGS - We have had a number of dogs over the years. Some clever and some really stupid. The clever one sees me picking up his droppings in the garden and asks me "Who is the master, Now?" The stupid one we had used to raise his front leg and wonder why his back leg is getting wet. Our present dog often goes out in the garden, sees a cat, or a pigeon eating on the ground, and freezes still. He looks back at me once or twice expecting me to bark and chase after the cat or pigeon. When I don't move he whines and gets in the house to hide in his bed.

    SOCIAL MEDIA - You are right, we should be careful how we communicate on social media. Often people respond to my Christian posts with abuse. Happened even today. I always respond with. "Thank you. God bless."

    There was a time when I did not like what I said on Facebook. So I un-friended myself and could not get into my account.

    God bless, Lulu.

    1. The gift of my first chuckle of the day!
      Bless you, Victor

  2. {{{giggling}}} oh oh I lost my social manners a few moments ago with my post. Hero is too darn cute...chuckling over your description of him. I have a feeling Hero will be staying with you, wink. Have a beautiful day friend.

    1. Oh that has already been decided- he cannot run up & down their steps anymore. Not to worry - they visit him quite often!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  3. A telling analogy. We, as the humans, are more dog-like than we think!!! I've been having the same thoughts over the past few weeks about the stinging replies and downright rudeness on Facebook. I am now just scrolling down thru the political stuff. God is in control so no need to worry myself. missing you, my friend. Your picture looks great!!! LU

    1. Tomorrow another Hero post- big lessons in a small package! Miss you, My Friend & love you!

  4. Belated Congratulations on your NEW resident. We are working on our 4th Dachshund. Two males and two females we have come to much prefer the latter. There is nothing like opening up your door and being greeted by one who loves unconditionally. Animal lovers have long known.... pets make a house a home. Sounds like the bond has already been established.


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