We live in a world which worships all things it considers special.   Those who are able to shine as examples of beyond the ordinary are placed upon a pedestal and held in high esteem.   We all dream of being special in some regard.  Our egos crave the notoriety of being known for some special talent--be it in sports, the arts, business, intelligence, or any field which shines a spotlight upon us and our uniqueness. The world would have us to believe we count for less if we stand in the shadows instead of in the glow of the light. 

Will my life count for less if I never publish the great American novel?  Are my posts pointless if I never go viral?  If all my labors for the least of these never produces a ground swell of action, has it all been for nought?  Is my success contingent upon my prosperity?  

Is there anything wrong with being ordinary?  Is prosperity measured by means other than the bottom line?  Can an ordinary person leave an extra-ordinary legacy?

I point you to The Word and all those examples of ordinary men and women who God used to produce extra-ordinary events.  Yesterday's post about Mary, here, is a prime example.  God took a young innocent- uneducated teenager and allowed her to birth His own son.  Her legacy is eternal.  I remind you Mary had NO idea her legacy would live eternally.  She was obedient, she did her part all while living an ordinary life.  

The disciples were ordinary men from ordinary means--and they were used for eternal purposes of being the first to begin the world wide spread of the message.  Ordinary men who never knew the impact of their labors would last for all eternity.

The next time you are feeling ordinary---do not despair-but remember how God uses the most ordinary for His eternal purpose.   In your obedience and doing your best in the ordinary of the day to day---God's fame is loudly proclaimed with eternal consequence.  God's greatness shines brightest when He takes the ordinary and makes it the extraordinary.  

20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.
Ephesians 3:20-21


  1. You are right. In this world we tend to put people on pedestals, and (in the UK at least) we then tend to knock them off that pedestal - see newspaper columns on celebrities etc ...

    Is there anything wrong with being ordinary?

    No, definetly not. God loves ordinary people because each one is special in His eyes. And ordinary people can do extra-ordinary things.

    Is prosperity measured by means other than the bottom line?

    It depends on whose bottom we are looking at. Some bottoms are bigger than others and I would dread being sat upon by them.

    Can an ordinary person leave an extra-ordinary legacy?

    Yes. Many are remembered by what they have done rather than who they have been. When I get to Heaven I'll "Knock Knock" on the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter will respond "Who's there?" And I'll say "It's me with my legacy!"

    God bless you, Lulu. Thanx for another thoughtful post.

    1. My first chuckle of the day so often comes with your comment. Thank you for that gift, Victor!
      Blessings !

  2. So encouraging!!!! Thank you friend! It was great seeing you & catching up today!! It had been too long!

    1. Ah, Mindy, you found me- both on line & in the gym. You aw always a bright ray of sunshine!

  3. Those questions you've put on the table are substantial, friend. You give us cause for pause.

    I'm grateful you're in my world ...


  4. Hi Lulu! I don't think you're ordinary at all. You are an extraordinary, beautiful child of God.
    I do think that we put ourselves up against others and then decide that what we do isn't good enough or special. But here's the Good News, Jesus came not for the people who have it all together and are self-sufficient. Oh no. He came for us. The blessed, needy children who need a Father and a Savior, and if that's ordinary, I'll take it!!


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