I feel the need to get a couple of things off my chest.  For the few male readers I have---you probably want to click off before I begin my rant  purging.

Ladies, are you sick and tired of putting on jeans, pants, slacks which are made to fit approximately two inches above your crotch?  I for one have had a GUT FULL (pun intended) of the apparel industry trying to convince me this is the height of fashion.  WHO the heck looks good in these garments from some brain washing torture tank?  I dare say even Twiggy herself (back in the day) would have looked like someone inflicted with a deformed body when donning these bizarre devices.  Every time I am stupid enough to buy another pair--quite frankly out of desperation since there are no options---I regret it.  Spending the day pulling said pants up is a nightmare and with jeans--they stretch as the day goes on so the tugging picks up steam.  I should wear suspenders, but the roll around my middle (I like to call it my love handles) would be even more emphasized.  AND speaking of rolls, unless your stomach is flat as an ironing board--NOTHING could possibly be any more unflattering than having your pants hit just below your belly roll.  We ended up having to resort to our wonderful yoga pants in desperation, when these things hit the stores, for something that would stay up AND THEN--they also began making those as low riders.  WHAT THE HECK!  The men complain about the yoga pants and the leggings, but what are we to do when every other style of pants is pure unadulterated torture!  I have my theory---the garment industry is saving money by decreasing the fabric needed and still charging us the same price.  GET A CLUE---OUR WAISTS ARE NOT TWO INCHES ABOVE OUR CROTCH!  WE HATE THIS STYLE!  If we don't stand up for what is right now, the next thing you know they will be insisting we have our underwear showing!

OH--so glad I thought of this---LOOK GUYS---we DO NOT want to see your underwear and WHY would you walk around having to hold up your pants?  Could this possibly be comfortable?  Pull your pants up or walk around in your underwear--but stop this idiotic trend!

WHICH brings me all the way to underwear---IF you are going to wear these crazy low pants---you have to wear the crazy excuse for underwear they sell now.  I DON"T CARE WHAT YOU YOUNG GIRLS SAY---having a string lodged in your butt crack is NEVER comfortable.  Trust me---I have had the occasion to wear pants they creeped in that direction---IT IS MISERABLE!

What I find really ironic is the fashion industry gears their offerings to the young.  HELLO---I am part of the Baby Boomers---the LARGEST segment of the population.  The ones with the money.  And you are gearing your fashion to the 20 year old-how much sense does that make?  I will admit they buy more clothes than we do--BUT there are a lot more of us!  What is that great line from "Fried Green Tomatoes"---"Face it girls, I'm older and have more insurance."  The same principle---we have more money to spend on clothes--but who wants to buy what you are offering?  You are missing the boat---BIG TIME--by not designing clothes for middle aged to older women that are comfortable and fashionable---not torturous and trendy.

RANT OVER---I'm feeling better--How about you?

A joyful heart makes a cheerful face, But when the heart is sad, the spirit is broken.
Proverbs 15:13


  1. I don't know where to start commenting on this post; my mind is flashing with so many images.

    You mention "jeans, pants, slacks which are made to fit approximately two inches above your crotch". I do realise that the tugging and the tightness of these garments can be uncomfortable for you ladies round the crotch, but can you imagine how much more painful it is for us men to wear such hugging jeans. The squeezing that occurs in that area can make one's eyes water I tell you.

    Then you mention underwear. Personally, from a male point of view, (what a view), I see nothing wrong with the picture you post above to make your point. I find those ladies' underwear quite appealing on a lady. There are two alternatives:

    To wear those huge large pantaloons (bloomers) type of underwear which my Australian Aunt Gertrude wears. They are so large that Captain Cook could well have used them as sails for his ship on the way to Australia.

    Or the other alternative, to wear no underwear at all whether wearing jeans, a dress or a skirt. Regarding this, such an incident happened to me some time ago as described here:

    So in reality, the blue underwear you show in the photo are not such a bad prospect after all.

    By the way, did you know that the family crest of my ancestor Sir Richard the Lion Liver bears the motto: SEMPER UBI SUB UBI.

    Great post, Lulu. One of your best.

    God bless.

    1. In my ignorance, I was forced to translate your family motto - right you are Victor ! As for the underwear, go buy a men's speedo thong & after a day of riding that string let me know how you feel-chaffed I would bet!
      Thank you for the praise, Victor. I have a dry saracastic sense of humor I use verbally quite often, but seldom when writing .

  2. Oh my!!!! This one gave me a BIG chuckle!! Such a refreshing post and Victor's reply was priceless. As a fellow baby boomer, I understand and applaud your sentiments. I hate those jeans and have resorted to the yoga pants. It will be difficult to go back to jeans even if they return to the true waist. I won't even reply to the underwear description!! Maybe we should organize and demonstrate!!!! LOL love you Hope you enjoyed the book.

    1. Yes- march on the fashion district with threatening signs-
      HIGHER WAISTS ARE WE GO BARE! That should scare some sense into them ! The book is on the rotation table - it will be at the top soon and I will let you know- Thank You for always thinking of me! Love you!


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