This crew are sponges!

Be VERY careful what you say around them, for you WILL have those same words repeated back to you and perhaps relayed to others.  Even when you think they are not listening---THEY ARE!  They can take those words you so carelessly threw out --twist them-turn them- and even use them against you.  AND they have L O N G memories.  A statement you uttered with tongue in cheek is construed as Gospel fact and used against you.  One is a literalistic--takes everything at face value; one is a joker; and the other --as his mother so correctly puts it is "wildly inappropriate".  The little one---she is taking lessons from all the big brothers and has learned how to play the game already!  I love this little crew--and they make great blogging fodder!

Sponges are living organisms and, of course, I read up on them.  They are a very simple living form which attaches itself to something with the purpose of leeching enough nutrients to grow.  It effectively sucks in everything from its host and through a filtering action discards what it doesn't need.

Fascinating reading AND do you see the similarities to us?  We often attach ourselves to others--or causes--or groups and suck in all that is offered.  The question is are do we take the time to filter through all the defective information?  Do we take everything literally or do we use the scale of truth and discard what we don't need?  Do we even dare to think and question before accepting what we are being fed?

Why is it I fail to attach myself to God 24/7 and like the sponge soak in all His glory?  Who am I allowing to be my host?  Man or God---the choice is mine.

Oh, Lord, I love the habitation of Your house
And the placed where Your glory dwells.
Psalm 26:8


  1. Yep.......smiles....thanks Lulu...love you dear friend.

  2. "This crew are sponges!"

    I know what you mean. Years ago, I was helping my young son with his homework. We were learning history - the bit where Queen Victoria is supposed to have said: "We are not amused!"

    He asked me why she said it. I replied: "She probably sat on a hedgehog at the time!"

    I did not mean it, of course. But he told his teacher what had happened to the Queen. And that's how we re-write history.

    God bless.


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