NO--I do not have an answer to all of life's mysteries!  Needed to clear that up before I launch off into my latest AH HA!  Having spent the past week in contemplation, God has revealed some answers to my Why's.  So thankful, He loves me enough to not give up on me and continue to teach me--even in my ripe old age!

Yesterday's blog discussion has given me two AH-HA moments since the initial penning.  I must confess to you--those who are willing to read these missives--you are my listening partners as I ponder these questions in the written form. Your comments often shed a different light on the topic and sometimes stretch me to think outside of the box---FAR outside of the box in Victor's case!  Link to Victor HERE.  I am always thankful for your reading, your patience and your input.  You have agreed to be my sounding board by clicking on the site.  Thank you!   You can read all the self help books in the library, but unless you are willing to do some introspection and take some constructive steps it is all for nought.  You are keeping me honest by listening and commenting--this forum and you have been my own personal group therapy.

  While laughing with a friend over my life resembling a soap opera, they reminded me real life is probably the motivation for soap operas.  I was a long time fan of the hit television show "ER".  I was not a fan of all the personal interactions--I liked the blood, guts, and extreme emergencies.  I asked my dear friend, Dr. Dale, if this was a good representation of an ER since it was extreme action unlimited for one hour -minus commercial interruptions.  He laughed and told me you might see all that is on the show, but it would be over a lifetime of doctoring not in one hour.  So it is with the soap operas, all you see on those shows might occur in your family, but not over the course of a week of shows, but instead over a lifetime of living.  Who could survive the intensity portrayed in such a short time.  We tend to live our life more like a slow motion replay of an intense action and emotion filled drama.  While reading a book, an entire life can be recapped in 368 pages--a life of 86 years--a blatant misrepresentation of how it played out in the real world.

SO back to the two stories that we talked over yesterday.  What good purpose could there be in me learning these stores decades later?  Why would God have these two stories told to me by two different parties a few days apart?   After posting yesterday, two answers were revealed as I thought it all over--

We are told in The Word, the sins of the father are visited upon the next five generations.  God gives us The Gospel to show us how to redeem even the worst of sins.  We have all seen this played out.  There is a definite genetic predisposition to alcohol addiction.  This genetic link runs through my paternal family.  Yet my brothers have broken the cycle by not falling victim to the curse. Anger can be a generational sin.  There seems to be a genetic link to certain personality traits--anger is certainly one of those.  We have all know angry people in our lives.  If you look further than the person spewing venom in your face, you might find a parent with the same anger personality trait.  That tendency to fly off the hook can be redeemed with purposeful work.  The excuse of you need to accept me for who I am does not fly.  Generational sin is sin period and it needs to be redeemed.  The stories I heard are a reminder with God's help these generational sins can be redeemed.

The second revelation is I am in control of how I react to these stories.  What I have seen others do need not be my reaction.  I can be the Gospel story in action by exercising faith, repentance and forgiveness.  It is NOT easy--and it is often an exercise in doing it over and over---but to reflect The Gospel I profess it is necessary.    Forgiveness does not always mean reconciliation and in this case there can be no reconciliation with those who are gone.  The forgiveness is for my benefit.  Forgiveness is always for our benefit.  I have seen others go to their graves angry and bitter.  My charge is through faith and God's help to not allow that to happen.

SO--why were these two stories revealed now--after all these years?  For my benefit and for God's good purpose in teaching me--growing me--gently pulling me toward His Glory.

How can a young man keep his way pure?
By living according to your word.
I seek you with all my heart;
Do not let me stray from your commands.
I have hidden your word in my heart
That I might not sin against you
Psalm 119:9-11


  1. Sure needed to read this....thank you...(I'm still on the pity train though, just saying)---smiles

    1. Praying you can find peace and joy, My Friend.

  2. Thank you, Lulu, for mentioning me in your post today and for the link. Much appreciated.

    I agree Lulu, there are times when we can forgive but we cannot, (perhaps we should not), reconcile. For the sake of others, for their safety and well-being, as well as for ours, we should not reconcile. I know that from bitter personal experience. I wrote on my Blog last year a fictitious story to illustrate what I mean:

    It is sad that sometimes people cannot forgive, and often go to their graves not having forgiven. This must make God very sad indeed. I believe that this world will never know peace until it learns to forgive. I have seen some very sad cases of unforgiveness in my life and, some time ago, I wrote another fictitious story, based on true facts, on my Blog:

    I am sorry, Lulu, to advertise my writings on your Blog, but I feel both these stories illustrate what you have so eloquently said. Please delete my comments, or the links to my posts, if you do not approve of them.

    Thank you, Lulu. God bless you.

    1. AH, my talented friend, so glad you gave us these links. I value what you have to say--always---even when you are wrong. SORRY--I couldn't resist!


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