Admitting to perhaps being in my declining years seems to be quite the struggle  as evidenced on my recent trip to Sun Valley, Idaho.  I last skied eight years ago--but for some reason I forget my age and condition and signed up to ski with the younger and more athletic friends of mine.  This proved to be fool hardy!  I do have enough sense to know I do not want a broken bone at this stage in life and try not to take foolish risks.  The problem seems to be recognizing my limitations.

NOT ME--but you get the picture
once your are headed down,
especially on ice,
there is no stopping!

The weather was unseasonably mild--it seems we might be a little late for the prime season.  This is good--when it comes to the lack of crowds, but bad when it comes to the icy slopes.  The locals pride themselves in very steep slopes--which is great if you are a good skier--but treacherous if you are a novice with a long dry spell from being on the slopes.  The first run down the slopes had me falling three times.  The very first fall was on the side with the bad hip.  When I finally got up--with help---I knew I was in for trouble as I twisted my knee in the fall.  After finally getting down the mountain, I sat and rested and licked my wounds while the others explored different trails.  They insisted on me trying a another not quite as steep slope with a much wider trail.  The damage had been done and turning the twisted knee was very painful.  After slowly making it down the slope without incident, I sat out the rest of the day.  Hope springs eternal and I am hoping my knee will be better the next day.

The infamous squirrel pose
from Dear Bob and Sue. If you like
adventure books--give it a try!

The following day, two of us went snow shoeing since we had never tried this activity.  NOW--how hard could this be???  Note the short shoes--which are tipped with metal spikes and poles to help with balance.  I can do this and stay vertical---WRONG!  Somehow I forgot you need to keep your legs slightly splayed and ending up tripping over my own snowshoes.  Grace would be my middle name.  Thankfully these trails were NOT icy and the pain was minimal--when I toppled, except for my wounded pride.  It was a great workout!  

The third day, the knee is still no better, so we decide to try cross country skiing.  At LAST I have the advantage---I've done this before!  Granted it was when #1 Daughter lived in PA, oh around eight or more years ago, but THIS I know how to do.  As my Buddy so well put it, "Is this all there is to this?"

Those words were uttered just before the ice took its first victim of the day.  OH--but I did not fall--FOR ONCE!  I began to get a little cocky and thought--even with the ice--I can do this!  NOT!  My skis were flying out from under me and my rear bounced two or three times on the ice before I could utter a brag!

I came home with bumps, bruises and more sore places than I can count.  BUT-there was always someone there to help me up --each and every time I fell.  A hand reached out--and pulled me back to my feet--helped me get my balance--made sure I was not injured and waited until I was on my way again before leaving me.  I was never alone when I fell and always given a helping hand to start again.  THAT IS WHAT FRIENDS DO FOR EACH OTHER!

I am sure you see where I am going with this.  God has faithfully been by my side watching over me, protecting me, and lending me a hand throughout my life.  He has allowed me to fall, at times, but He never left my side and has always assisted me back up on my feet.  No matter if the fall was my fault or another's-God has always given me a hand up.  What A Faithful God we serve!

 I was pushed hard, so that I was falling, but the LORD helped me. The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.
Psalm 118:13-14


  1. You really are a brave woman, Lulu. Skiing, parachuting, zip wiring across mountains, deep sea diving ... really brave.

    And you're right. God is by our side every time we fall. I think He is getting a little tired with me the number of times I fall. My Guardian Angel is now working over-time and wants to be paid double pay.

    God bless.

    1. Yours and mine both, Victor!!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. But, succeeded, my TRIED!!!! I know plenty of folks who would never dare to even get off the couch, smiles.


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