One final post on last week's series on blown covers.  In the process of mulling over a blown cover, it occurred to me the truth had been concealed behind a curtain for decades.  The curtain has kept the light of truth from shining on those involved and misconceptions and misrepresentations have resulted.  With the drawing back of the curtain, the truth has completely changed my opinions of those involved.  If I had only known!

Here is my take away from the two stories--

Run from anything which necessitates
 the need for secrecy.

Before you speak, write, or act consider the implications of public exposure.  If secrecy is needed--unless you are the CIA--you are headed down the wrong path.  Your failure to live the truth has far reaching ripple effects, at times for generations to come.  Look beyond yourself and consider how your actions will affect not only those involved, but all those in the sphere of influence.  Somethings are just not worth the cost.

Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.
Proverbs 12:19


  1. Ideally ... we should always speak the truth. But there are times when people have to keep a secret of their lives form others. Here are some examples:

    1 When someone makes a donation to charity and does not wish it to be known that they have done so.

    2 When someone wins the lottery and does not wish to publicise it to all and sundry - especially family, friends and neighbours.

    3 When someone is very ill and does not wish it known so as not to distress and elderly relative or friend.

    4 When someone is going through a divorce and does not let it be known by an elderly relative who is very ill and near to death.

    5 When someone is an author and writes under a nom-de-plume.

    6 Far be it for me to advertise my books - but in my "VISIONS" I tell the following story. A woman confesses to Father Ignatius that her daughter (teenager) is not actually her husband's daughter. Years ago she had an affair with a man who died in an accident without knowing the woman was pregnant. The woman had the baby daughter and registered her husband as the father. Subsequently she had another child with her husband.

    The priest asks her: "Do you love your husband?" She says she loves him very much and regrets deeply having cheated on him all those years ago. He is a loving husband, father and provider for the family.

    The priest asks her: "How would he react if he knew the truth?" She says that he will be devastated and it would most probably destroy the marriage affecting both her children as well as her husband and her.

    The priest advises that she keeps her secret with her to the grave. By confessing now all she is doing is easing her conscience and destroying the lives of four people. She should confess to God and repent. For her penance she should be a good wife and mother.

    Lulu, when I write, and the examples I give, are often based on facts I have known. Sadly ... there are many times and examples when people have to keep a secret.

    God bless you.

    1. I agree, Victor. I kept a secret for years from a dear loved one. She would have been devastated by the story and the outcome would not have changed. BUT if the act that required secrecy from a third party had never been done- there would have never been a need for keeping secrets. As with all things there are no absolutes. Thank you for weighing in.
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. I would not even dare to put the CIA/FBI down right about mess ups and cant keep secrets...giggling.


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