We had another round of storms in Texas Saturday night and Sunday.  Thankfully we were north of all the warning areas, and no bells, alarms, or whistles jerked me from my state of semi-consciousness.

It has rained and rained and rained.  Pretty sure it is safe to say we are no longer in a drought---well at least until July when the summer heat gets turned up to broil.   

Luckily a replica of Noah's ark has been constructed---JUST IN CASE!  

Hero, the wonder dog, is slightly resistant to taking his daily constitutionals in the rain.  Not to be deterred, I put on my rain boots and jacket and dragged him out the door.  It had been a long time since his last walk and I KNEW there was trouble brewing if we did not get in at least a short walk.

I pulled and dragged and he tucked his tail and jerked back toward home.  After getting almost to the end of the block and not one sniff--I knew this misadventure was doomed for failure.  We headed home.  After a brisk towel rub down, he takes off running--goes in the bathroom--and uses the bath mat. SIGH- Thankfully-  it is washable.

Finally the storm passes and we are able to take a walk.  The streams are flooded, the roads have rivers running beside them, there are puddles which have formed on the sidewalks and where road construction is happening it is a quagmire.  Though the storm has ceased---the aftermath has brought change to our routine.  We ended up detouring down an entirely unproven path before finally getting home.  In fact, I am pretty sure we had to add steps to our walk, and explore new uncharted territory.  We called upon our spirit of adventure and overcame our fear of the unknown and kept bravely putting one foot in front of the other.  Though we might have come home a little more muddy than usual, we discovered one of my new favorite houses in The Hood and we had a lovely chat about sailing boats with a cute little fellow and discussed the travails of dog ownership on rainy days with another human being pulled around on a leash.  It was not the path I would have chosen--not my path of routine--BUT it was a quite enjoyable walk for us both.

So it is with life---storms come along---some violent---some which seem to last forever---some which close off the path we are on and lead us to uncharted territory.  Fear not---we NEVER walk alone--and the new scenery might be quite lovely--and the adventure of uncharted territory can be quite exhilarating and those we meet along the way--new found friends.  After every storm--the sun always shines.

The Lord is by my side; I will not be afraid.
Psalm 118:6


  1. Every so often God arranges things in such a way that we need to find new paths, new walks, new pastures green. But He is with us always. To the end of time.

    God bless.


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