I have finally arrived at the advanced age of --Old Prude!  The Amtrak trip pushed me over the edge of tolerance into the Zone of Intolerance.  I have prided myself most of my life with the attitude of

Once the train became dead on the tracks, my senses began to be bombarded with so much profanity I wanted to give a Temperance of Tongue lecture.  WHEN did it become OKAY---to loudly interject not mere profanity but downright vulgarity into every other word slipping from your mouth?  There was NO attempt made to keep one's modulation to conversational volumes.  Instead whether speaking to your seatmate or whoever was on the other end of the cell phone it was blasted at peak volume.  You would have thought whoever they were talking to was deaf.

NOW--I will confess-a word of profanity has been known to slip from my tongue.  When I drop a brick on my toe, I am not known for the ability to greet pain with a "OH GOSH!"  No, one of my preferred slang words is more likely to come gushing forth.  My father might have been guilty of speaking profanity in front of his young brood.  I can remember it to this day.  So I was not raised nor did I as an adult live in a Victorian slang free world.  I did learn there was a time and place for most things and the public arena was NOT the venue for colorful language.

Somehow this world has morphed into the place of your freedom to say and do whatever you want--no matter what the venue is more important than my freedom to NOT want to hear or watch your acts of freedom.  Somehow society has lost its sense of propriety and there is no longer any sense of shame over stepping over the bounds and onto the toes of those around us.  If you don't like it--get over it--seems to be the rule for today.

The fact there were children on the train with us did not slow down the stream of vulgarity.  In fact one of the worst offenders was the mother of two of these innocents.

What can be done?  If I had said anything, I am quite certain an already volatile situation would have exploded into an even uglier scene.  So instead I sat and did my best to ignore the lack of manners and vocabulary.  

My huge concern is this is indicative of the slide of society into a place of anarchy.  Individual rights begin to overrule what is best for society and all the citizens.  There is a greater emphasis placed on "Me" than "We".

What can be done?  I am not certain--beyond teaching those in our sphere of influence.  Act like a lady--and be treated like a lady.  Begin by demonstrating moderate behavior with consideration for others and providing the example of good manners for those in your path.  My choice is to usually ignore the vulgarity, and instead demonstrate civility.  

PLEASE watch your language--the words you choose speak volumes about your character.

Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!
Psalm 141:3


  1. Well done Lulu ... let it all out ... get angry on your Blog, even though you did not demonstrate that anger on the train ... we can take it ... and perhaps agree with you.

    On the other hand, as we get older, why should we sit down demurely and accept bad behaviour around us? Why let it all slide downwards as a society and do nothing because we want to act as a lady, or gentle man? Why not join in? As we get older, we can get away with many things. People see it as quaint and will not exactly be violent towards us, will they?

    Why not say what's on our minds without fear or trepidation? The other day, coincidentally, on a train just like you, a stranger sat opposite me and after a hello he went on and on talking about this and that throughout the journey. Getting tired of him I said, "If I could yawn with my mouth closed you would not be able to know how boring you are!" Sadly, he didn't understand me and went on talking until eventually I died.

    So as we get older let us all say exactly what is on our mind and not worry about who we offend. The more the better. Like my uncle used to say: "Sticks and stones may hurt my bones. But words will never hurt me." Then one day a printing press fell on him. Sadly, he died years later and we did not have time to say goodbye. Ironically, he drowned in a bowl of Cheerios!

    God bless.

    1. I laughed out loud, Victor! Let them have it with a sweet old lady smile and claim dementia. What a grand idea!!

  2. Hi Lulu! RIP Victor...
    I hear you Lulu, why do people resort to that kind of language, especially in front of children? Eww. We can all get upset at the things that happen in life, but for Pete's sake, keep that stuff to yourself!

  3. That so called lady would of been reprimanded sharply by my husband, just saying. Never, ever speak such words to your children...grant it there are times when I want too...but choose not too. smiles

    1. Good for Hubby! The problem is--will the kids suffer more abuse later?
      Blessings, My Friend!


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