This is SUCH a First World Problem--BUT makes a good lesson.  The grind and shuffle of airline travel today would deter the most enthusiastic traveler.  No matter what the length of the flight, you need to set aside an entire day to fly anywhere.  I am not complaining--I am stating the facts.  I consider myself blessed to have the means, good health, and traveling partners that make it possible to travel and appreciate the additional safety precautions in place.

Getting to The Bahamas went off without a hitch.  WELL --there was one hitch--I had to drive to Ruston and fly with my friends since the price of flying out of a major hub--DFW was much higher than flying from Monroe, LA.  I KNOW---many of you have never heard of this small southern city.  That was certainly doable and as an added bonus I got to see a brother and a niece and a few friends.  

I opted to fly home a day earlier than the others since I had volunteering duties scheduled.  Have you ever heard the old phrase, "No good turn goes unpunished"?  I began to feel like living proof before I got home!

The sweet friends dropped me at the airport the two hours before take off required for international flights and headed to lunch and a movie.  We had a day of rain forecast--seemed like an ideal time to be going home and to view a movie. 

Going through security I was informed I had "WON The LOTTERY" and the prize is a more thorough screening.  Whoopee!!  She took everything out of my carry on bag--tested it all for explosive residue---tested my hands--tested the bottom of my feet and patted me in places I have not been patted in quite some time!!!  I must fit the profile of little old lady terrorist (in fairness I can be a terror at times).

Once I get through the golden doors---it is not raining--why it seems to be foggy!   WHO KNEW they can get fogged in--in The Bahamas???  The airport activity was closed.  We sat and listened to announcements as our plane arrived and circled waiting for a clearing and finally flew back to Fort Lauderdale.  The airplane is once again cleared to  come back to only have to make the same circles waiting for a break.  By now I am realizing there is no way to meet my connection and I change my flight to the last available connection to Monroe.  As time moves on, I began to become concerned about making that connection.  Knowing I have a place to stay, it begins to become apparent it would be best to try again tomorrow.  WAIT--the plane finally lands and they put all of us on hold.  After more than an hour--they announce the crew needs a time out---I am needing medication at this point!  A very kind Delta Gate person has gotten my bag for me--so I am good to go.  NO--we must all wait for the "HIGHER UP'S" in Delta to formally cancel the flight.  Let's see now--we have no crew--but they might not cancel the flight.  Finally we are all told to walk around to the front of the terminal where we checked in for them to arrange tomorrow's flight.  I MIGHT have been guilty of sprinting around old men, women with children, and all those needing additional assistance to be at the front of the line.  You see, The Good Buddies, (Bless Their Hearts) are outside waiting on me.

The good thing is I had another delicious fresh seafood dinner and enjoyed the good company of the traveling buddies!

The next day--we head to the airport for Try #2.  SURELY, I am due No Problems!  It is a beautiful day--sun is shining---what could possibly go wrong.  I hold Murphy and his silly law responsible for the computers all being down.  DELTA AIRLINES---and the computer is down for over an hour.  Finally they begin writing boarding passes and tagging luggage by hand.  That inspires  confidence in you getting your bag in this lifetime.  We all --thankfully get a pass in security and no pat downs.  It is a LONG time before everyone gets their hand written passes and OH--the plane is late---NATURALLY!  We finally get a plane at the gate--AND OH YES--the computer is back up and they are going to print all the boarding passes.  EVERYONE at this point is in agreement--just get us to Atlanta and we will take our chances with the boarding passes and luggage.  NO DEAL!  SO we finally take off a few hours late---and for certain we are missing our connection.  We get to Atlanta and find out there is only one seat on the last plane to Monroe WHERE OUR LUGGAGE IS HEADED.  The other three fly to Shreveport--an hour west of Ruston and I fly to Monroe--30 minutes east of Ruston.  This entails two of their husbands coming to pick us up.  BLESS THEM!  All the luggage is on the plane--a miracle--and four bags, my carry on, and Don head to Ruston.  I get to my friend's house after 10 PM---after a VERY LONG DAY and what felt like a two day struggle to get home.  Early the next day, I am headed to Fort Worth and volunteering.  

Moral of the story--it can be a struggle getting home--but there is still no place like home--and it did not stop me from wanting to go again.  Life can be a struggle at times---but as I told my daughter, "It is difficult to complain when I just spent a week on the beach."  When life is a struggle--keep those glorious moments of great blessings in mind.  The struggle will pass and the blessing last!

 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”
Romans 8:18


  1. You remember in Startrek they had a contraption which you entered and you would be transfered to anywhere in seconds. Your luggage was guaranteed to come with you. And the computer never broke down either.

    God bless.

    1. Ah--for that Alternative Universe, Victor!

  2. Because we have lived in two third world countries I can personally identify with your story. Traveling was hard before 9/11 but it is beyond hard now. Thanks God you made it home, safe and sound and had a great meal with friends waiting for you.

    1. Oh, but Betty. It makes for great stories! Thank you for commenting!


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