While here in Ruston, I have been working on a couple of business projects.  It has been a stark reminder of how business can sometimes work.  When I tell you I will do something, when I offer you a service, whatever I even imply I will do---it is going to happen--I do not make idle or rash promises.  In business your reputation is only as good as your word.  Not everyone takes this attitude.

I am deeply disturbed by dangling carrots and then jerking them away.  What may be even more disturbing is when not one, but two times someone jerks the carrot away.  What's that old saying--Fool me once shame on you--Fool me twice shame on me.  

There are very few things we have in life that cannot be taken away.  Our integrity and reputation are examples of lasting legacies.  Once we breach our word and compromise our principles the damage can seldom be recovered.  We are known for our honesty and scruples and a good reputation follows us all the days of our lives.

Think about Thomas---we all still label him as "Doubting Thomas".  All he did as a disciple, how he served Jesus is all over-shadowed by his one moment of doubt that forever named him as a Jesus Doubter.

Think of Peter--the rock upon which the church was built--the cornerstone--the Beloved Disciple.  We cannot think of him and not picture his denial--three times before the cock crowed.  His life was dedicated to Jesus and The Way--and yet we label him with his one moment of fear and denial.

All to say---careful with your word.  Everything of this world will be stripped away--but our word--our good name cannot be stolen--unless we allow it to happen.  Think before you speak--do not make rash promises--and remember the value of a good reputation.

A good reputation and respect
    are worth much more
    than silver and gold.
Proverbs 22:1


  1. Strong stuff in your post today, Lulu. Very true, of course, but strong all the same.

    Made me think about my reputation. What do people think of me for instance? Oh dear ... has someone been spreading rumours about me? Is that why all the pigeons in the square fly away as soon as I sit on the bench? Or is it my after-shave?

    And have I ever promised something which I did not deliver? Apart from that day, long ago, when my wife and I were in bed ... I looked down in her eyes and whispered something nice ... she looked up at me and said, "The ceiling needs painting again!"

    God bless.

    1. Oh Victor! The ceiling needs painting!! Laughed out loud!
      Blessings, My Friend!!


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