I live in a world of loose association and random thoughts.  When you begin to wonder "Where did that come from?", as you read my missives,  I truly am not sure I could explain how I got to the subject of many of the post.  It is a many forked path down Alice's rabbit hole.

Disclaimer--if your colon health is a sensitive topic and you are offended by discussing said subject--please come back tomorrow.

Today's post though I can trace back to its origin.  Well--it all began with buying a new product on the market I recently saw advertised--

I learned on my mother's knee the importance of colon health.  ANYTIME--I was sick, acted in any out of the ordinary manner (misbehaved), sneezed, did not sleep well--whatever the malady----I was constipated (GASP!)  My mother believed in regularity being the well spring for good health--physical as well as mental.  

Fast forward to my life as an adult and mother.  I never felt the need to ask the question, "Have you been to the bathroom today?"  Never kept a diary of the comings and goings to said bathroom and never really gave it much thought at all.

Once again fast forward to my old age.  It seems my mother may have been right--WHO KNEW?  Colon health has made the full circle and we are inundated with advertisements for products to aid in maintaining a happy colon.

Why there is even a fringe element that encourages "Cleansing".  PEOPLE I have endured cleansing when enjoying the every 5 year (OK more like 10)  fun day of the colonoscopy.  This can be best described as turn me inside out, hose me down, and wring me out.  The Gut Doctor likes you to be slick as a whistle--the day long process of being slick is NO FUN!  And there are those in the world who gut through this on a regular (OOPS SORRY--THERE'S THAT WORD AGAIN!) basis by the name of "Cleansing".  They HAVE to be NUTS!

I confess I am not a fanatic when it comes to keeping my colon happy.  BUT I do like juice and as long as I do not taste those LIVE creatures floating around in said juice--I might be willing to give a nod at keeping said body part happy.  I found this slogan which pretty much says it all-

NOW--before you become offended--as Forest Gump profoundly said, "It happens".  

WHERE in the world am I going with this?  Cleansing is good for the colon. You need to get all those bad things out and allow the good things to thrive.  When a motor is all clogged up-it is sluggish--does not run to maximum efficiency, we need to clean out our pipes, check the plumbing, and make sure all is running smoothly.  Get rid of the gunk and shine up the system.

Cleansing is also good for the soul.  Confess our sins--admit our wrongs--turn away from them--allow God to shine us up and become the vision of what He created.  Daily we need to be aware of what we are allowing into the system and cleanse away all unrighteousness.  We are at our best when we practice regular confession and cleansing.  The Master of the Universe delights in washing us as white as snow or slick as a whistle.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
I John 1:9


  1. OK ... right ... ehm ... Let's see what I have learnt from your post today, Lulu.

    1 Cleansing is important as it is also to be regular.

    2 A poop a day keeps the doctor away - but does not taste as good as an apple.

    3 If constipated it is a good idea to take a good cleanser type medecine. By the way, did you know that the scientist who invented the "Instant Laxative" was fired because it acted so quickly.

    4 Do not take a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time.

    5 Confessing one's sins is good for you. When I next go to confession I should tell the priest how often I go to the bathroom. (Are you sure about this one, Lulu? Seems odd to me; but I shall try it).

    That's five things I have learnt from you today. Thank you, Lulu.

    God bless.

  2. LOL---Since I am at that magic age of 50---one ought to get a Colonscopy, right? At least according to the USA govt. standards. Umm...not...I don't have issues down there, just saying, like my better half did. Fiber, fiber, grandma always said that.

    Thanks for the fit of giggles today, my friend.

    1. Your welcome! & Victor😜 Always delivers!!
      Blessings, My Regular Friwnd!

  3. Oh VICTOR--#4---😂😂😂
    As for telling the priest how regular you are- DID NOT intend to imply that!! He may put you away at the Funny Farm if you do!
    Blessings, My Friend- Praying!

  4. Loved this post today. Seems that I do this on a regular basis. And Victors comment was the poop de grace!!

    1. Just nothing quite as good as being regular😂 We all love, Victor's humor!


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