My blogging buddy, Linda, wrote a post which resonates with my thoughts.  For you see, my brain still feels young!  Though my body does not always cooperate, I am out there pushing and trying.  I agree with her---I am relishing every day I am blessed with.  

Go HERE for a taste of her wisdom and wit.

They shall bear fruit in their old age,
they are forever full of sap and green.
Psalms 92:14


  1. I find that regular naps prevent old age, especially if you take them while driving. When I stop at the red lights and there's another car with a youngster next to me, I often look at him, look at the lights and rev the engine hard ... vrooom ... vrooom ... and look at him again. When the lights change he sppeds up ahead first ... and I slowly and casually move forward normally. Once a youngster got caught by the police for speeding at the red lights.

    But it's good getting old really. It's more fun and men can wear their trousers up to their nipples held with braces and a belt and everyone thinks they are being fashionable. Likle my neighbour. He always wears his trousers that way. Plus a shirt without a collar. And always has a two day old beard ... more like stubble than beard. He has teeth like the Ten Commandments ... all broken. He is a sex symbol for women who don't care.

    Getting old is really all in the mind. Being happy is much more important.

    God bless.

    1. Hey Lulu ... thanks for bringing your friends over to my place today! Great fun!

      {And for sharing that ancient picture. Speaking of ol' age, huh ...}


      And Victor ... hearing about your neighbor kinda makes me a bit relieved that the great pond separates us. Sounds like the ol' chap isn't quite as dapper as you ...

      Poor guy.


    2. They will love your wisdom as much as I do!
      Blessings, My Friend!

    3. You crack me up, Victor!

  2. Giggling...I read Linda's post early this morning...and need to go back over there...Like I told my husband while we were leaving the hospital this morning (after my procedure), I always thought I would grow old gracefully...unfort...I think I am going kicking and screaming...and the good Lord is sure probably laughing..."Want to make God laugh? Tell him your plans."

    1. Oh Linda, I hope you're recovering quickly from whatever procedure you had to face today. I love that God used this little 'forever young' post to bring us together ... and that giggles came your way in the process.

      Bless you ...


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