My mother, May She Rest in Peace, had a list of Do's and Don'ts that would send Emily Post into a swoon of envy.  Why she could have filled volumes of books on table manners alone--and that is only one aspect of your daily life.  Rules--rules and more rules!  I spent a great deal of my teenage years rolling my eyes over her long list of rules.

My list of do's and don't's has become more of a Reader's Digest Abbreviated Version.  I have given some serious thought to those rules at this point in life that I consider set in concrete.  Once again---I will not bore you with the entire list--but only give you those that floated to the top in today's cerebral monologue.

DON'T---hop, skip, jump, or run once you reach senior status.

With age comes the loss of skin elasticity and things begin to not be quite so tightly attached.  This produces the danger of hitting ourselves in the chin with various body parts (use your imagination) and knocking ourselves out cold if we dare to do any of these activities where both feet are off the ground at the same time.  AND I won't even mention the danger of certain internal parts becoming external with repeated jarring.  It's best if we always keep one foot on the floor.  My jumping jacks may look a little awkward, but my parts are all in place and to date I have not bruised any body surfaces while flinging around loose epidermis.

DON'T--be so desperate for the companionship of the opposite sex that you loose your ever loving mind.  Heard a story yesterday of a man meeting a woman via text messaging (they have never seen each other face to face).  The conversation goes quickly from "Hi, my name's Jane Doe", to sending a selfie of certain body parts sans clothing.  PEOPLE!!!!What has the world come to?  It's one thing to make a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower with your clothes on--quite another to be sending ANY naked selfie on the WWW.  HELLO!!  It NEVER disappears--is forever out there bouncing around in cyberspace.  Is ALWAYS subject to being found by the unintended.  IF I send you a selfie in any shape or form, contact the Crazy Police--because I am officially over the edge.  NOT TO MENTION if I totally lost it and sent a selfie without the benefit of full cover, what part of my nude body at this point in life would not make small children cry?  

DO--speak your mind--or what's left of your mind.  Why do we spend our lives not saying what is on our mind?  It really does not matter---because for the most part--no one is listening to us. If for some strange reason, someone happens to hear you, they will attribute it to old age and blow you off anyway.
SO--no more repressing--no biting of the tongue--no need to worry about reprisal--just let it go--speak up!

DO--have fun--laugh with all your might and don't worry about what people will think.  Here is a scientific fact found in an article in "Forbes Magazine",

Laughter protects your heart. Research has shown that laughter has an anti-inflammatory effect that protects blood vessels and heart muscles from the damaging effects of cardiovascular disease.

Not to mention the good endorphins released by laughter.  I read in another article that even if we are born deaf, we have the ability to instinctively laugh--without having to learn how to produce the sound we cannot hear.  AMAZING.  God's gift of laughter is truly good for us--so like an apple---laugh at least once a day and I recommend as often as possible.

DO--hold on to hope.  No matter what your circumstance, what life has thrown your way---there is always hope for a better tomorrow. God's plan is always the best plan for us.  His plan is for a hope and a future.  Don't ever let go of that hope--claim His promise and hold on to hope.

Well somehow I have almost made a week of posts about aging.  Come back tomorrow--for my OCD will not allow me to not finish the week out.  One more epistle before turning the date book and beginning the last year of my seventh decade.  

"He will yet fill your mouth with laughter And your lips with shouting.
Job 8:21


  1. I am much confused about what you write today.

    Are you REALLY telling me that if I go out on the trampoline in our garden and bounce naked I will be hit in the chin by certain body parts? Really? Even in this freezing cold weather? I shall try that right away and tell you what happened.

    I have heard of people sending selfies' on the phone to each other of various body parts. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And a body part selfie is worth a million likes on FB. Why do people do that I wonder. If they want to have a good laugh why not stand naked in front of a full lengthe mirror?

    Look Lulu, if you really want to be out there and really "with it", why not put some sticks of celery in your sleeves, and out of your pull-over or jumper and run in the street shouting "The triffids are coming! The triffids are coming!" This will sure attract attention.

    By the way, I did read somewhere that laughter releases dolphins within you and they tickle you from the inside and make you laugh more. Do you know what laughter is? It is a release of built up pressure deep within us, near the stomach and the asparagus. The pressure builds up and comes out of your mouth as a loud noise. From anywhere else and you're in deep trouble.

    So there you are. Just laugh at whatever you can. With or without a full-length mirror, or in my case, a trampoline.

    God bless.

    1. Oh goodness, Victor, I'm pretty sure I just had a fit of laughter! Naked on the trampoline will get you bounced straight to the crazy farm!
      Thanks for starting my day with a good belly laugh!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Lawdy Victor, giggling....sorry, Victor, you folks across the pond don't know what cold weather is, try 7* during the daytime and snowing. smiles

    I have enjoyed your posts this week. They sure have been spot on. You will never ever find me sharing selfies, NEVER.EVER. Giggling

    1. It has been great fun and if you ONLY knew what I held back for the sake of propriety! MY is it COLD in NY!!!! BRRR!
      Blessings My Friend!

  3. Laughter truly is the best medicine, Loralu, and I certainly got my fair share reading this post. You are too funny!
    God bless!


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