I am attending an aerobics class at the local university Intramural Center.  There are several 7:00 and 8:00 AM classes scheduled at the same time as my class AND imagine this--the students demand parking spaces as well.  It leads to  the parking lot becoming a traffic jam.

It is a study in humanity to see how people treat the dilemma of trying to get a parking spot when many others are also in search of the coveted spot.  Here are a few of the personality types I have observed in a short span of time-

FRONT ROW JOE--this fellow seems to think he deserves a spot at the front door.  I find it amazing that you are going to the gym, but refuse to walk any farther than the closest parking spot.   These folks have a sense of entitlement that is mind blowing.  WHERE does that come from?  Who or what convinced you that you are special and deserving?  They will pass up an entire row of open spots and wait for their front row spot.  With no regard for who might be waiting behind them, they are willing to impatiently wait for Granny to get in her car, get situated, start the car, and slowly back out so they can park in the spot they feel they deserve.  They MIGHT try my patience!

PARKING SPOT THIEF-we all know the rules of common decency.  Common decency says if someone has their blinker on and is waiting for a spot, you let them have it.  This is my favorite scene from "Fried Green Tomatoes" and speaks volumes.  Be VERY careful who you steal a spot out from under.  Some of us are best not pushed over the edge of reason!

RING AROUND THE ROSIE-then there are those who are willing to drive round and round looking for their spot.  ENDLESS patience!  If we have too  many of these, we end up with a parking lot jammed with vehicles and no one is moving---much less is there any room to back out if you happen to be leaving.  Perhaps they are thinking--I need to park in the lot by the building I am entering.  Not certain of their reasoning, but in awe of their patience.

LOOKING BEYOND THE OBVIOUS--this tends to be my style.  One trip around the parking lot and I am on to the next available lot.  There is a dorm next door, sorority houses and high school across the street and the alumni house next door.  If I don't find a spot in the adjacent parking lot, I will walk a few more steps.

If I waited around long enough for the perfect spot, I might miss the entire class.  Certainly I would prefer to park near the class I attend, but I had rather walk some additional steps than miss the class entirely.

So it is with life, often we are guilty of  waiting around for the right position, the right time, the right people to dive into some great opportunities.  I will become a volunteer when I can find a perfect fit for my talents.  I will start visiting my friends in assisted living and nursing homes, when the flu season is over.  I have a million excuses for putting off the countless things I plan to do as soon as the perfect spot opens up.  I love the expression~

I might add--seize the day while you still can or you might miss your chance.  Opportunity might pass me by if I don't grab the first one available.  Invariably with slipping into the first available spot, nothing is lost--and much is gained and so what if I walked a few extra steps.  Would I rather be frozen in a traffic jam or walking toward the door?  No answer needed--we all want to be moving toward the door!

Forget what is behind me and do my best to reach what is ahead.
Philippians 3:13


  1. Carpe diem, a phrase that comes from the Roman poet Horace, means literally "Pluck the day", though it's usually translated as "Seize the day". And to think that all this time I thought it meant "God's carpet"!

    There's another parking fellow you missed out. The one who parks across two bays, usually at an oblique so taking up two spaces. Usually it is a big car like an off-road vehicle. If they can't park properly they shouldn't be driving.

    I bought an off-road vehicle once on the Internet without seeing it. When it was delivered it was a canoe.

    God bless.

    1. A canoe- LOL!!! God’s carpet- OH, Victor!

  2. poof, my comment went into thin air, lol and grr...I am one of those who will drive around forever. I hate it though when I return, there are usually HUGE vechiles parked on either side...one time last semester, I had to crawl thru the hatchback (I have a compact car)...some folks need a lesson in common sense and humility. Alias, the majority of young folks are into the "Me, me, me" notion. sigh.

    1. Parents are fostering this attitude, unfortunately! Bless you having to fight the parking mess on campus!

  3. My husband is a fanatic about not having his car "dinged" in a parking lot, so he usually will park a great distance out from where we are going, especially if there are no other cars there. Me? I take what I can get at the moment.
    Blessings, Loralu!


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