It's not EVERYDAY you witness a miracle.  But HERE YOU HAVE IT, Friends, PROOF!  As I walked the Wonder Dog around the park lake, I witnessed a turtle walking on water.  It was truly amazing!  AND, he was walking so slow--it was almost as if he were standing on the water--not walking.  Miracles NEVER cease and wonders are all around us before our very eyes! 

OKAY--perhaps Mr. Turtle was sitting on a branch which was just below the surface of the water.  It DID look like he was standing on water-especially without my glasses on!  

Some of the great minds, declare the day of miracles is over.  Miracles only happened during the time of Jesus to show us Who He was.  And then there are those who declare we lack faith and there is the possibility of miracles even today.  I confess, I am getting in WAY above my head here!  I do know the apostles performed miracles after the resurrection of Jesus as recorded in the Book of Acts.  

In my mind, some days it is an absolute miracle I get out of the bed.  I would tell you the mind is willing, but the body is weak, but the truth of the matter is there are days I am exhausted--physically and mentally.  No matter how tired I am though, my internal clock rings and I manage to throw the covers off and get out of the bed.  And the real miracle-once I get up --I am ready to go!

Watch the birth of a baby---TELL me there are not miracles!  Having been a part of this miracle three times--let me tell you of the wonder of a baby growing inside your abdomen.  How could anyone see a baby being born not believe in miracles?  The only thing to compare to seeing the miracle of my own babies was the birth of my grand babies.  I have no words to describe the depth of that miracle.

We are about to witness one of my favorite miracles--the arrival of Spring.  It is truly amazing--here we are in the last day of February and there are signs of Spring all around.  This is a hydrangea bush which will produce beautiful blooms this summer.  After the first killing frost, I cut it back and here are the new leaves budding out already.

The human body is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and amazing miracles.  When you think about the intricacies of how we work--it is beyond our comprehension. There are 27 bones in the human hand--TWENTY SEVEN! An absolute engineering miracle to watch it work.  We obviously cannot create an android to match it--man could never replicate the complexity of human emotions.  None of us are exactly alike--there is always something unique--even about identical twins.  What a miracle!

How could you look upon this earth, this universe, the nature that surrounds us, the complexity of all creation and not believe in a Living God.  How could you think it all JUST evolved.  There are miracles--everyday there are miracles.  Who is to say God is not still in the business of performing miracles?  The God I worship--He is a God of miracles--day in--day out--there are miracles all around us!  What a MIGHTY GOD we serve!

And awe came upon every soul,
and many wonders and signs were being done through the apostles.
Acts 2:43


  1. Lulu,maybe that turtle was on stilts, like clowns with very long legs in the circus. Or maybe she was resting on a submarine which was moving slowly. Or maybe she was being carried by another turtle swimming underneath it. Or maybe it was floating on a piece of glass. Or maybe ... Oh ...I don't know ...

    Did you know that if a turtle falls on its back it cannot right itself on its feet and it dies. I have invented a spring mechanism you attach to the turtle's back. If it should fall on its back the mechanism releases the spring and hurtles the turtle up in the air and into your neighbour's garden. Sometimes it lands the turtle on a tree and people think that turtles can fly and make nests.

    Anyway, back to some serious thinking. The reality is that miracles do happen these days. But people are too un-willing to believe. Most people have become immune to God and believe they know better. Miracles happen at the hands of God, and those who believe in God, every day. Just like in the Acts when the disciples, (now Saints), performed miracles. It was not they who made the miracles happen; but God using their Faith to show His power and glory. Note what Jesus said about this before He resurrected Lazarus.

    God bless you, Lulu. Watch out for flying tortoises and turtles.

  2. STILTS!! That MUST be it! Be SURE and get a patent on your “Turtle Spring”! It is certain to be a best seller!

    “Immune to God”—how hopeless life would be without my knowledge of the existence of The Living God!

    Blessings, My Friend!

  3. Daily miracles, all around us, when we take the time to see everything with wonder.
    Blessings, Lulu!


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