I am pretty sure I have this "Tea Party" thing down pat--look at my nose in the air!  Lucy and her cousin, Ruby, had a tea party at Aunt Kathy's house during her visit.  LOOK at the toy closet behind us--EVERY CHILD'S DREAM!  There was SO much to choose from, but inevitably the girls would focus on the same thing at the same time.  Or one would pick something up and the other would immediately want to play with it also.  Both girls did a great job of "Sharing".

Sharing is not always an easy concept to grasp, and it is one of our mother's first lessons taught.  We are more than willing to share anything which is NOT our favorite, but not so enthusiastic about releasing our death grip on those things we claim as our "MY FAVORITE".  #3 Grand used to entice his younger brothers by showcasing the least favorites before beginning to play.  "Don't you want to play with this broken piece of junk?"  WELL maybe he phrased it more like, "Look at this, my favorite car which is only missing one wheel, BUT it has always been my favorite."  Once the bait had been taken, he was free to play with the PRIMO #1 NEWEST and BEST toy.  When brother began to cry, he would point out to his mother that younger brother had chosen the piece of junk first.  OH--THE TANGLED WEBS WE WEAVE!

Sharing does not come naturally.  Anyone who has ever raised a toddler understands man's propensity to horde and unwillingness to share.  Do we honestly get a big thrill out of giving the human destructo little brother our favorite toy to play with?  What if he breaks it?  Then NO ONE will be able to enjoy playing with it.  SO, we cling to our possessions in fear of loosing them to brokenness beyond repair or disappearing out the door.  Soon we have a room full of treasures, but no one who wants to see them.  Our unwillingness to share them has lead to the isolation of stinginess.  Old Scrooge learned that lesson in a fitful night of no sleep and ghostly visits.

I saw a blurb on television this morning about the homeless needing coats.  I am ashamed to say, I have no less than ten different coats of varying weights and for varying conditions lining my closet. Rain coat, hiking coat-heavy and light, long coat, ski coat, short jackets, on and on.  I live in LA--and do not even wear a coat many days out of the year.  Those days, I tend to grab the old favorite when heading out the door to walk The Wonder Dog.  What is the purpose of hoarding all those coats--I MIGHT NEED THEM!

 I also recently saw this while cruising social media

What a great idea!  There are drop off places galore for winter clothing who serve those in need.  All we have to do is be willing to share the abundance of what we have.  And yet, we are hesitant to let go and share what we have, and hanging it on a light post welcoming someone to take it never occurs to us.

And then there is the most important commodity of all--Time.  How willing are we to be taken away from what we enjoy doing to spend some of our time serving those in need?  Unwilling to break away from the comfortable routine, most of us travel in the same circle of self indulgent activities we enjoy--GUILTY!  I am reading once a week now with an at risk student.  The school is 5 minutes from my home, and I am only allowed 30 minutes with him.  Why would I not leave the comfort of my home and experience the joy of a new little friend. Oh, I might miss reading another chapter in yet another book while sipping tea and staring at the birds in the back yard.  They will all be there when I get back!

There are countless opportunities for serving others--if we are willing to share our time.  I belong to a club who gives books away at book fairs to the local school children.  The delight on the children's faces when we help them choose a few books to take home with them is better than any self directed pleasing to me activity I can think of.  Our small group is participating in ministry with Single Moms and Women in Prison.  Our church is hosting a Christmas Store for those with limited resources who have earned Christmas Bucks to "buy" gifts by participating in various activities.  This is only a small sample of all the ways we can share our time.  When we don't think, we tend to become "Stingy" with not only our "Things", but also our time.

Little Lucy was a great teacher while here.  She is so proud and happy with herself when she "Shares".  There is a lesson to be learned from her smiling face when she reports her share.  She never seems more delighted and content than when she was willing to share.

16 And do not forget to do good and to share with others,
 for with such sacrifices God is pleased.
Hebrews 13:16


  1. I am not so sure about this sharing thing ... I mean ... why can't I get anyone to share the mother-in-law? There are plenty others who could have her visit. Why does she have to land in our house on her broomstick?

    Now she is one for sharing. Whenever she has a cold we all have to get it too.

    You hear about this sharing and being kind all over the place these days. The other day a politician stopped me in the street and asked me if I believed in free speech. Of course, I said "Yes!"

    "Good ..." he replied, "can I use your cell-phone? I left mine at home!" Now that's not my kind of sharing either.

    Seriously though, Lulu ... please don't be angry with me. This is a great post, as always. It is my mind that tends to run in different directions.

    God bless you, my patient friend.

    1. I always look forward to my first laugh of the day-courtesy of Victor!
      Your poor mother in law provides you with plenty of material!
      Blessings, My Friend!

  2. Sharing is such a great thing. My friend is sharing her whole house with us while she goes on vacation. We actually feel like we are on vacation...a big bed, a big bathtub, a fireplace, big everything. When you live in an Airstream, it’s those “big” things that mean so much. When we have to leave our paradise home, I hope I remember to share as generously as my friend.
    Thank you LuLu and Lucy.

    1. What a sweet friend! I have had various "boarders" over the years. ALWAYS a fun experience to share and be reminded of our blessings as we see them through the eyes of others.
      Blessings, My Friend!

  3. No, sharing doesn't come naturally to us, and must be taught from the time we are little. My two youngest grands find it hard to share with one another, but are getting better at it as mom and dad keep working with them. I'd sure like to give more of my time to others in need, but right now, with MIL living with us, that's where my focus needs to be. I'm sure the day will come when all that changes.
    Blessings, Lulu!

    1. Martha, that is your mission field!! What a blessing that you are serving her so well!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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