A reader commented yesterday on my flexibility.  They call me Senora Concrete for a reason.  My flexibility boat has rigid sails and a rudder with limited motion.  

When speaking of flexibly, I immediately think of how limber I am--or how limber I am not.  The trainer spends 25% of his time with me stretching the rigidness out of me.  Between old injuries and tendons that have become like tough old rubber bands with age, I have lost a great deal of the flexibly I once had.  There was a point in life when I could put both of my legs behind my head and could do the splits.  That ship sailed LONG AGO!  I might need hospitalization if I tried either of those tricks today.

I am a smart girl---I finally figured out if you want to touch your toes, sit down and cross your legs--they are then within easy reach of your arms.  OH--and standing on my head for the FINAL time last Christmas, to show the grands how easy it was to do, has lead to my neck hurting for now one year.  WHY would I want to stand on my head when I have two perfectly good feet?  Thankfully I can still reach around and fasten things at my back.  Cannot seem to teach Hero, The Wonder Dog how to help me--his lacking thumbs is a problem.  

The comment was actually made about my willingness to try new things.  WELL--there is a limit to that also.  I no longer ride ANYTHING that causes my head to spin for a week.  My last annual trip to the fair was about three decades ago.  I will try new foods--EXCEPT for those which are the texture I abhor.  Traveling is wonderful--except if it is too hot, too cold, in a cave (claustrophobia), more than 10 feet underwater (ear pressure problems), not enough light (no 20 hours of darkness for me), has rides which lead to vertigo, and a few other No-No's.  Other than that, I am good to go.

One of the things I love to do is garden.  You will find me in the yard almost every day if it is between 50 and 60 degrees, not muddy, sun shining, and the ground is moist.  Other than those few conditions, I am always ready to take the shovel and rake and have a go round.

I love the movies--but only go to LaLa Land movies--no suspense, no horror, no heart breaking drama, no espionage, no politics.  Really do love to see all the latest movies, but I also need a small bag of popcorn and Dr Pepper to enjoy my viewing experience.

My friend was extremely kind when she called me flexible.  The truth of the matter--I am pretty set in my ways.  Certainly do not mind trying new things--within a rigid set of boundaries.

One of the things I am flexible about hearing other's thoughts and philosophies.  I do not argue the point, and appreciate their right to believe as they do.  If I do not agree, I do not feel the need to convince them of the error of their ways.  You cannot argue anyone into a change in their philosophies.  There is no harm in politely listening and agreeing to disagree without rancor.  Others are much more likely to listen to our thoughts when we politely listen to theirs.  Making a statement is much different from going on the attack and adding a good dose of name calling.

While I am flexible enough to listen, one thing holds true, my belief in God Almighty and the Saving Grace through Christ His Son is set in concrete.  It is set in stone--who God is, what Jesus did for us, and the God shaped hole they have filled in my heart.  There is no wavering right or left--there is only one God and I am, without flexibility, His.

To you it was shown, 
that you might know that the Lord is God;n
 there is no other besides Him.
Deuteronomy 4:35


  1. Lulu, I had to laugh when I read about the flexibility issues. I'm in the same boat, and have to make a point of stretching or it's a guarantee I won't be able to get up off the floor gracefully if I make the mistake to be there in the first place - lol! Only for the grands!
    And when it comes to God, I'm right there with you - no flexibility, for He is my Rock.

    1. Watching me get off the floor is better than any comedy routine I have ever seen. We will not even mention me getting out of bed in the morning!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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