During President Bush's funeral one of the speakers made a remark about "Making A Difference".  Immediately writing those words down, I have since spent a great deal of time pondering how we make a difference in the world.

I ran across this while searching for images of making a difference.  I love the phrase "Your Echo In Eternity".  Your footprint here on earth popped into my head when pondering the meaning of this phrase.

The Enemy would have us all believe our actions do not make a difference.  It is a lie from the pit of hell.  Our actions can and do make a difference.  No matter how small the act, there are ripples which turn into currents, and then become far reaching waves from every good deed or act of service.  

Acts of service to the least of these have life changing and sustaining impact which sometimes we are not even aware.  We may never know the far reaching effect of small and seemingly simple kindnesses have on our fellow man.

A couple of weeks ago, I volunteered with a wonderful outreach.  During the year, adults and children participate in activities meant to equip them for better lives.  They are rewarded with Christmas Bucks for their participation.  Four weeks before Christmas they are invited to the Community Christmas store.  New gifts which have been collected throughout the year 

are on display in a store like setting.  Refreshments and child care are provided for a stress free experience as they shop for their loved ones.  Once they check out, the gifts are beautifully wrapped and ready for Christmas day.  There were hundreds of shoppers and volunteers coming together for two days of making a difference.  The shoppers are able to provide gifts for their loved ones and the volunteers are blessed with the opportunity to serve their fellow man.

This is merely one example of making a difference.  I read via the United Way with a local second grade student.  He is learning to be a better reader and I am blessed to have a new young friend.

A good friend volunteers with the local Christian Community Action weekly.  She keeps the stores in good order for those coming with a need.  Groceries, clothing, household items, and utility help is provided through this organization for those with need.  

There are many more organizations and many more opportunities for us to make a difference.  A difference which could possibly have life changing and affirming consequences for someone. The lie we are fed is that our little deeds of service do not make a difference. YES, they do make a difference.  Ronald Reagan's quote above is profound.  We cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone.  I have found volunteering to be addicting, blessing, and convicting.  The sharing with others of our talents and riches causes a life changing addiction to service.  You are so blessed and your heart is so warmed, you want to revisit that feeling over and over.  We are blessed as we bless others.  I challenge my friends to accept service and gifts graciously, for the giver is almost always blessed more than the receiver.  As I have served, I have been convicted of my lack of gratitude and thanks to God for all He has lavished upon me.  It is a healthy reminder of where all good things come from.

Lastly, I encourage you to share a good word, an encouragement, a pat on the back.  Those words never fall flat--they always bless and bolster the one who receives them.  How much more beautiful would this world be if we all dropped the criticism and harsh words and looked for the good in others first?  Our words are forever etched upon the hearts of those they are aimed toward.  What a difference a kind word or praise would make in the life of another.  

My children, our love should not be just words and talk; 
it must be true love, which shows itself in action. 
I John 3:18


  1. Yes, Lulu, serving others is definitely the way to go; we never know when the smallest of gestures will touch someone deeply and profoundly. And I love that quote from Ronald Reagan - so true!
    Blessings, my friend!

    1. I am thankful for your comment, Martha. You are serving me by acknowledging you have read and understand.
      Bless you, My Friend!

  2. I'm so proud you spend so much time helping others, Lulu.

    God bless.


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