I have just returned from my annual Christmas Tour de Texas.  One of the changes I decided to make in my recent trips has been traveling to Austin via the backroads.  One of the most dangerous and treacherous interstates I have ever had the joy of driving on is Interstate 35 from Waco to Austin.  In order to lessen the stress of life and actually enjoy the scenery without white knuckles, I am taking an old US highway from just across the TX border all the way to the backdoor of #3 son's home.  It is a great drive!

This trip proved to be a little more dicey than I normally bargain for as one of the warning lights on my dash lit up bright orange.  Thankfully I was driving through the by-pass of one of the larger towns you skirt on this journey when the light flashed.  Traveling on a Saturday--Siri was able to locate me help only a few miles away.  There I sat for two hours while they looked at the problem.  FINALLY, I was called and assured the problem was taken care of.  (THIS IS WHEN I REALLY NEED A PARTNER IN THE CAR WITH ME TO REASSURE ME I AM DOING THE RIGHT THING )  Starting the car, the light is off and I head down the road--the light comes back on within a half mile.  I go BACK!!  NOT HAPPY!  This time they tell me they think the sensor is bad and I should be perfectly fine to head on out.  I am NOT filled with confidence since I am only half way and much of the journey is through ranch country with no big towns.  

Heading out, somehow I make it to my destination--about three hours behind schedule.  Now the car is parked while in Austin, but I have another three hour journey on the Texas tour to make it to Fort Worth on Christmas Eve.  The light is brightly shining on the dash all the way (sung to "Jingle Bells" tune).  Before leaving Fort Worth and heading home, I am at the dealership where I bought the car a couple of years ago and having it looked over.  Turns out the light was a minor problem--BUT in checking -the battery is bad and they replace it before I head back to LA.  

NOW--if I had ignored that light---headed back to LA---when I made the necessary stop on my way home (early morning DP leads to a need for a stop-Always!) I could have been stuck in the middle of nowhere waiting for help when the car would not start.  Instead of ignoring it though, I was going to stay another day, if required, to insure a safe journey.  It is always wise to heed the warning lights!

Life is filled with warning lights.  Warning lights on the highways and by ways, but also warning lights along many other paths.  We all have experienced the warning lights for narrowing lanes while on the interstates.  SO MANY ignore those lane closure lights and keep barreling ahead to get there first.  Some are like me and rule followers---when told the lane is closing we get in the lane that is going to be open.  There are warning lights in public buildings--DO NOT ENTER--RESTRICTED AREA--NOT A PUBLIC ENTRANCE.  

There are more subtle warning lights in life than the flashing lights we are used to looking for.  The feeling of impending explosion is a clear indicator you have eaten too much.  The achy feverish feeling of impending illness clearly says "Don't pass Go--don't collect $200--go straight to bed.  Even that uneasy feeling you get when in a clearly unsafe area or being approached by a questionable person. 

I have learned to listen to my instincts.  Better safe than sorry and when the lights are flashing and bells are ringing in my head--I back off and beware.

There is also the small voice in our head that is a warning when we are contemplating sinful actions.  That angel on our shoulder who is throwing up stop signs when we are headed down the wrong path.  God has provided us with a conscious for a reason.  He wants to protect us--keep us safe--from the consequences we must pay when we choose to sin.  It is always our choice whether we heed the warning or plunge forward down the wrong way.  But God-loves us so much--He always gives us a warning.  All we have to do is be aware and heed His warning~the journey will be so much better IF ONLY!

But if you warn the righteous person not to sin,
 and he does not sin, he shall surely live, 
because he took warning, and you will have delivered your soul.”
Ezekiel 3:21


  1. "But God-loves us so much--He always gives us a warning."

    The problem is we don't always UNDERSTAND the warnings.

    God bless.

    1. Perhaps, we learn from experience, Victor!

  2. Oh boy....are really going to discuss warning lights? (giggle)---the warning check engine light came on in the 'new' car--went and got it looked at-its the catalyct converter. Seriously, folks...I get where your going with this post...

    Sigh...great analogy my friend. smiles

    1. It sends chills down my spine to have those lights come on!! Hopefully you are under warranty?
      Blessings, My Friend!

  3. So glad you ended up having a safe trip, Lulu, because you heeded those warning signs on your car. Whew! Traveling alone is difficult enough, but this? And yes, God will give us those warnings in life if we both listen AND heed.

    1. Thankful for His care in all areas of my life.
      Blessings, Martha!


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