You are going to hear plenty about this Bible Study

It is literally filled with truth and speaking volumes to my heart.  After discussing the first two days with the group, I am more excited than ever to hear what the others are gleaming.  We all approach things from different perspectives, and each of us with our unique experiences are taught a little differently.  It is eye opening to hear what others reap from the study.

Priscilla quickly reminds us --literally in the beginning--Jesus has won the war for us.  Praise God--because I sure could NEVER be good enough!  Here is a little tidbit I had not considered--but was thrilled to read.  God--resides in the heavenly realm--with Jesus by His side---and guess what!!  We are right there with them.  Here you go---PROOF-

By grace you have been saved 
AND raised us up with HIM
and seated us with Him in the heavenly places.
Ephesians 2:6

WOW!  Talking about a seat of honor!  It doesn't get any better than this!

SO-if we already have the seat of honor--WHY should we have to do spiritual battle--THE WAR IS ALREADY WON!

Oh, the enemy KNOWS the game is up--but he is willing to be satisfied with small victories.  He wants nothing more than to steal our joy, claim our thoughts, have us live in fear and doubt, whisper lies in our ears.  He knows he doesn't win this war--but he can still render us ineffective by capturing our thoughts with his deceptions.  He is a crafty old thing--determined to make our life miserable.

We can stop him in his tracks, if we remember to gird ourselves with God's truth.  God's truth does not harm us, make us depressed, create hate and anger, make life seem futile.  God's truth does this-

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32

AND that sly one, the deceiver and accuser--he can just crawl back into his hole.


  1. 'morning, Lulu! You've captured the joy and necessity of finding a group of like-minded sojourners to do life with, to dig through God's Word, people we can be authentic with, people who pray for each other back and forth, and see each other through the hard times.

    This is community at its finest ... and anyone who discovers their place in a group or two is blessed indeed.

    1. Amen! Every group I have ever been a part of greatly blessed me. What a gift from God!!

  2. Yes, let the evil one crawls right back into his black hole! What a blessing it is to know that the war is won, and we don't need to live in fear and doubt. Jesus loves us beyond measure.
    Blessings, Lulu!

    1. It just thrills me from my top to my bottom. He loves me!

    2. "It just thrills me from my top to my bottom."


      God bless you, Lulu. You make me smile.

  3. I hope I am not being critical, Lulu. Just questioning. Perhaps it's worth discussing with your group.

    You say the war/battle has been won. I agree.

    You say, "Oh, the enemy KNOWS the game is up--but he is willing to be satisfied with small victories." I am not so sure about this. The devil's aim/job is simple. To lead people astray and into hell. That is a BIG victory for him and a BIG defeat for Christianity and, some would say, for God.

    God allows it to happen. He does not stop the devil from claiming souls to himself. He allows it to happen because, in His love for us, He gives us the choice to decide whether to love Him back, or not. The final decision is ours.

    As C S Lewis said, there will come a time when God will say to man, "Thy will be done!"

    God bless.


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