Recently I began to notice, that I always use my hands when standing up from a sitting position.  It would seem I cannot get off the couch without putting at least one hand down to push myself up.  This is an indication of poor core strength.  I have finally turned into my mother and cannot get my rear off the couch without a little push.  NEVER thought that day would come!

While I am still able to lift furniture and other heavy objects, lifting myself off the couch has become a challenge.  So I decided to work on that! I scoot myself to the edge of the couch and rock back and forth to get the momentum going and then presto I have managed to obtain "Lift Off".  It is slightly humiliating to admit I can't get up without the use of my hands, but I have decided to work on that.  The problem is it takes core strength to achieve this upright position when down, and my core has become weak.

I have friends who can sit cross legged on the floor and stand up with no assistance from their hands.  We call them--SHOW OFFS!  GO AHEAD-TRY IT!
It is very difficult.  Why one thing is for certain, if I can't even get up from the couch without putting my hands down--there is NO chance I will get off the floor.  

I plan to start small and begin working to get off the couch without hands first.  It takes a great deal of core strength to get off the floor and I had better start with a little less distance and an easier challenge.

Our Bible Study is currently discussing the belt of truth.  Priscilla gives an excellent description in the book of how this belt was put on and all the uses it had.  In a nutshell--the belt is the all important core of the armor. The belt of truth protects and strengthens the core.   God's Word is the truth and His truth is our standard.  We put on the belt of truth by-

1.  "You uphold and affirm the standard-the truth and boundaries set by God in Scripture."
2.  "You daily, systematically, repeatedly begin letting God help you align your decisions and responses, even your attitudes and ambitions alongside His benchmark of truth."
3.  "You continually learn about the character and purposes of God."
4.  "You filter every circumstance, personally and culturally, through the prism of His Word."

"Truth is the starting place and then everything else begins falling into a much better place."  Through truth we develop a strong core.  The core is the most important group of muscles in our body and in our faith.  To stand in righteous, we must first put on the belt of truth to protect and strengthen our core.  The first step in preparing for battle is the belt of truth. 

1Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist,
Ephesians 6:14


  1. Praying and wishing you good health, Lulu.

    God bless.

  2. Fantastic analogy, Lulu! Strengthening both our physical and spiritual cores is key.

    1. We will be in a real fix if our core is weak when the storms of life hit us!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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