When I am in the gym, if I have my head below my heart for a period of time I am usually in trouble.  When I return to upright, my head is going to spin for a brief period of time.  Perhaps I am working my muscles so hard the blood flow has been diverted from my brain (I seriously doubt this--Slacker is my middle name).  Perhaps my blood pressure was low and the result was a little vertigo.  Perhaps I am getting old---I refuse to admit it!

For whatever the reason, a sure cure is to stand still and breathe deeply.  It does not take long for the world to slow down and finally stop.  The trainer told me one of the weight machines causes him to become dizzy every time he uses it.  He never pops all the way back up, but instead stays on his knees until the world has stabilized. Today he told me that one of the other weight lifters commented upon how spiritual he was while he waited for the world to stop spinning while on his knees.  He repeated the story with a great laugh at the misconception he had caused being on his knees.

AHA!  Perhaps if we all spent a little more time on our knees talking with the Father our worlds would stop spinning.  Perhaps you do not suffer from this, but some days I am totally off balance and the world seems to be off kilter.  I am so busy holding on to keep from toppling over that it never occurs to me to go to my knees to regain perspective.  Time spent in the gym is never wasted and time on my knees is time well spent.  A little knee workout every day might be just the ticket to make this world stop spinning!

26 "Or, you may fall on your knees and pray - to God's delight! You'll see God's smile and celebrate, finding yourself set right with God.
Job 33:26


  1. Amen, Lulu! Thinking I need to spend some time on my knees today.

  2. When I am at the gym ... I first stand straight then bend forward to touch my knees (or feet if I can) .... when my head is below my heart ... (oh dear) ... I break wind!

    Good post again, Lulu.

    God bless.


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